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Figure Skating With Carlo Fassi

About.com Rating 4.5 Star Rating


Figure Skating With Carlo Fassi
Cover Art Courtesy of Charles Scribner's Sons

The Bottom Line

With wonderful drawings by Walt Spitzmiller, Carlo Fassi's book teaches beginning figure skating movements and takes a skater through the steps needed to execute figures, jumps, and spins. Some readers say they have been able to master beginning and advanced figure skating moves by using this book.
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  • This is one of the only skating books that includes triple jumps and various spins.


  • This book was published in 1980 and may be hard to find.
  • Some of the information in this book is out of date.


  • This book teaches beginning to advanced figure skating techniques.
  • This book includes step by step hand drawn illustrations by artist Walt Spitzmiller.
  • A chapter on compulsory figures is included.
  • Detailed directions on single, double, and triple jumps are included.
  • Detailed directions on spins are included.
  • The book includes the common errors related to each skating move.
  • A section on expressive figure skating moves is included.
  • Also included is a very good and easy to follow glossary.
  • Some of the basic structure of the figure skating world is described.
  • Explanations of figure skating tests and the phases of figure skating competitions are included.

Guide Review - Figure Skating With Carlo Fassi

Carlo Fassi was a top figure skating coach. He taught both Peggy Fleming and Dorothy Hamill, and other great figure skaters. He passed away in 1997, but he has left a mark on the figure skating world. Figure Skating With Carlo Fassi is definately one of those great marks.

This book takes his expertise and puts it together in an easy to understand format for any reader.

It is a great resource for a skater of any level since it includes directions on single, double, and triple jumps. There are directions on spins and also explanations of errors.

The reader is given instruction on choreography and also explanations of the phases of figure skating competitions.

There is an entire chapter related to compulsory figures. Although figures have been dropped from the U.S. figure skating competition structure, this one chapter will be very helpful to any skater since there is instruction on how to maintain good edge quality and basics positions.

There is also sections on expressive figure skating moves and a glossary is included.

The illustrations by Walt Spitzmiller are very detailed and show the many steps of each figure skating move.

Some figure skaters have been able to learn to figure skate by using this book.

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