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How Do Figure Skaters Spin Fast?


Figure Skating Spin - Fumie Suguri of Japan

Figure Skating Spin - Fumie Suguri of Japan

Photo by Brian Bahr - Getty Images
Question: How Do Figure Skaters Spin Fast?
How do figure skaters spin fast? This short article addresses this question.
Answer: The speed of a figure skating spin relates to the position of the arms. If the arms are close to the body, the skater's spin will be faster. If the arms are not pulled in, the spin will slow down.

Figure skaters can control the speed of their spins by learning how to control their arms during the spin. Ice skaters can build up momentum during the early part of the spin and then use that momentum in the latter part of the spin. This technique gives skaters opportunities to spin with their arms and legs in creative body positions and to keep the spin moving fast at the same time.

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