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Before You Try to Skate Backwards


Before trying to skate backward, it is a good idea to practice walking backward and gliding for a short distance on figure skates. This exercise will help beginning figure skaters become comfortable with the feeling of moving backward on ice skates.

Step One - Point the Toes In and Put the Toes Together

With your skates on, point your toes in and put your toes together. Pretend your toes are "kissing."

Step Two - Walk Backwards

Take "baby steps." Continue to keep your toes pointing in. Make sure the weight on your feet is over the front part of the skates, but not too far in front. Bend your knees and keep you skates pressed inside slightly. Don't look down.

Step Three - Glide Backwards for a Short Distance

Go to the rail. With your feet parallel, gently push yourself backward so that you glide backwards for a short distance. Do this exercise over and over. Be sure to glance behind you to make sure you don't run into anyone before you push yourself away from the rail.

Step Four - Practice Walking and Gliding Backwards

Now, repeat the "baby step" walking backwards exercise with the toes pointed together and then allow your skates to "rest" and glide backwards for a short distance. Practice this exercise again and again until you feel comfortable with the feeling of moving backwards on ice skates.
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