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Figure Skating Techniques

Learn how to do basic beginning skating moves. Learn how to stop, jump, spin, turn, and learn other figure skating techniques.
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What Is the Difference Between Olympic Pair Skating and Olympic Ice Dancing?
It is obvious that both pair skating and ice dancing require excellent figure skating skills and athleticism, but what is the difference?

SOCO CW Star Matthew Wessler Learns to Figure Skate - February 18, 2014
In honor of Olympic figure skating and to celebrate the 2014 Olympic Winter Games which took place in Sochi, Russia, SOCO CW Star Matthew Wessler learned to figure skate with skating coach and About.com's Figure Skating Expert, Jo Ann Schneider-Farris and with pair skaters Joel and Annabelle Schneider-Farris.

How To Do a Back Wiggle On Ice Skates
Doing a back wiggle on ice skates is fun and will also boost a new skater's confidence.

How to Do a Left Forward Outside Three Turn on Figure Skates
A three turn is a figure skating turn where a skater turns from forward to backward or backward to forward on one foot. The turn is named three turn because of the pattern left on the ice looks like the number three.

Falling Is Part of Figure Skating
Even the most advanced figure skaters fall down. This article gives tips on how to fall safely and also gives some suggestions on what to when figure skaters fall. Also, information is given about how falls are handled in ice skating competitions.

How To Do Forward Crossovers On Figure Skates
This article gives instruction on how to do forward crossovers on figure skates.

Exercises to Help Figure Skaters Do Sit Spins
Figure skaters should do exercises on and off the ice to help strengthen their legs when they do sit spins.

How to Do a Right Forward Outside Bracket Figure Skating Turn
A bracket turn is done in footwork sequences and is also a required turn in certain figure skating tests, in ice dances, and in synchronized skating.

How to Do a Basic One Foot Upright Spin On Figure Skates
Learning to spin on on foot on figure skates may take time and requires much practice.

All About Choctaws and Mohawks
Choctaws and mohawks are ice skating turns where figure skaters turns from either forward to backward or backward to forward.

Free Foot, Leg, Hip, and Arm and Skating Foot, Leg, Hip, and Arm
The terms free foot, free leg, free hip, free arm, skating foot, skating leg, skating hip, and skating arm are used in figure skating.

What Is a Spread Eagle?
A spread eagle is a figure skating move where a skater glides on two feet with the toes pointing in opposite directions.

All About Waltz Jumps
The waltz jump is a fun jump and it is usually the first jump ice skaters learn and master.

All About Death Spirals
A death spiral is a beautiful and dramatic pair skating move.

Basic Figure Skating Stops
This article lists the basic stops done by figure skaters.

Share Your Own Figure Skating Tips, Ideas, and Experiences
Do you have an ice skating tip or trick to share? Here, About.com readers can share their own figure skating tips, ideas, technigues, and experiences.

How to Stroke Forward On Figure Skates
Once gliding on one foot is mastered, a new figure skater can begin to learn forward stroking. Stroking in figure skating means moving from one skate to the other. This is what everyone does when they skate around an ice arena.

Try to Skate Backwards
Before trying to skate backward, it is a good idea to practice walking backward and gliding for a short distance on figure skates. This exercise will help beginning figure skaters become comfortable with the feeling of moving backward on ice skates.

Figure Skating Techniques
Do you want to be a figure skater? This article will help a new skater learn how to do some ice skating moves. Some of the elements in this article include directions on how to fall, stop, skate forward, jump, and spin on the ice.

What's So Great About Figure Skating?
MySkatingMall.com and 2003 US Men's Figure Skating Bronze Medalist Ryan Jahnke put together a video called "What's So Great About Figure Skating?" Ryan asked figure skaters, figure skating parents, and ice skating fans to make short videos answering that question. For those who missed taking part in the video, here's your chance to share your own thoughts. What's so great about figure skating?

How to Fall and Get Up on Figure Skates
Knowing how to fall and get up correctly on skates is essential for all figure skaters.

Fall on the Ice Without Getting Hurt
No one wants to fall while ice skating, but if you are going to skate, you are going to fall. How can a figure skater, especially an adult who doesn't want to fall, fall safely? This article addresses this issue.

How to Do a Snowplow Stop
Stopping on the ice is essential for every figure skater. This is the first and easiest stop a skater must master.

A Lesson on Forward Swizzles
Forward swizzles are done by beginning ice skaters. Swizzles help figure skaters learn how to use their knees and edges. Swizzles also help skaters learn to glide. This step-by-step tutorial will help new figure skaters master forward swizzles.

Before You Try to Skate Backwards
Before trying to skate backward, it is a good idea to practice walking backward and gliding for a short distance on figure skates. This exercise will help beginning figure skaters become comfortable with the feeling of moving backward on ice skates.

How to Move Forward on Ice Skates
This article will help teach beginning skaters how to move forward on the ice.

How to Do Michael Jackson's Moonwalk on Ice Skates
Doing Michael Jackson's famous Moonwalk step on ice skates is easy and fun.

How to Do a One Foot Glide on Ice Skates
Gliding on one foot on ice skates is a basic figure skating move that all figure skaters must learn and master. This short article outlines the basic steps involved in doing a one-foot glide.

A Lesson on Forward Crossovers
Crossovers are the way skaters move around corners and the ends of a rink. Mastering forward crossovers make a figure skater better and faster.

A Lesson on Backward Swizzles
This step-by-step tutorial will help new figure skaters master back swizzles.

How to Do Back Crossovers or Cutbacks on Ice Skates
New ice skaters can't wait to try back crossovers. This step by step tutorial shows some back crossover basics.

One Foot Figure Skating Turns
Every figure skating turn has a name. When a figure skater turns from forward to backward or from backward to forward on one foot, he could be doing a three turn, a bracket, a counter, or a rocker. Each turn is slightly different.

Do Figure Skaters Ever Spot Their Spins Like Dancers Do?
Do figure skaters ever spot their spins like dancers do in pirouettes?

Simple Figure Skating Toe Jumps
There are some simple toe jumps that are fun and easy to do on figure skates. As a figure skater advances, these simple jumps are used to connect steps and elements in a skater's program.

How to Do a Bunny Hop on Figure Skates
The bunny hop is a fun and easy ice skating jump. It is one of the first jumps new figure skaters learn and master.

Step by Step Instructions on Doing a Spiral
Get step by step instructions on how to do an easy skating move where the free leg and back are horizontal to the ice.

The Biellmann Is a Cool Figure Skating Move
The Biellmann is a figure skating move that is named after Champion Swiss skater Denise Biellmann who originated the move. To do the move, a skater holds his or her skate blade and pulls the leg way back up over the head. The legs are completely split, but the knee of the free leg is bent.

What Is the Difference Between a Toe Loop and a Toe Walley?
Toe Walleys and toe loops earn the same amount of credit at ice skating events. Spectators have a hard time telling the difference between the two jumps. What is the difference?

How to Do a Toe Loop
The toe loop is a figure skating jump that uses a toe pick assist. After mastering the waltz jump and Salchow, the next jump that usually is introduced to a skater is a toe loop.

All About Toe Loops
Figure skaters learn jumps in a certain order. After mastering the waltz jump and Salchow, the next jump that usually is introduced to a skater is a toe loop. After mastering the Axel and double Salchow, the skater then works on the double toe loop. Then, when a skater learns triples, the triple toe loop is tackled after mastering the triple Salchow, or both jumps are worked on at the same time.

How to Do an Attitude
An Attitude is a beautiful figure skating move that comes right from ballet. This article gives simple directions on how to do the move.

What Is an Ina Bauer?
An Ina Bauer is considered one of the most beautiful moves in figure skating. The move was invented by German figure skating champion Ina Bauer in the late 1950s.

How to Do a Lunge
The lunge is a figure skating move that resembles fencing posture. This tutorial gives step-by-step directions on how to do a lunge.

How to Do a Shoot the Duck
A shoot the duck is a fun ice skating move where the skater bends all the way down to the ice and glides on one foot while kicking the other foot completely forward. Directions on how to do the shoot the duck on ice are given in this article.

How to Do a Spread Eagle
A spread eagle is a figure skating move where a skater glides on two feet with the toes pointing in opposite directions. The legs are completely straight and spread apart. This step-by-step tutorial gives directions on how to do a spread eagle.

Basic Ice Skating Spins
This article lists some of the basic ice skating spins. Many of the spins advanced figure skaters do are variations of the basic figure skating spins listed in this article.

How to Spin
Learning to spin is not easy, but is so much fun!

Figure Skating Spins - Basic Ice Skating Spins
What is your favorite ice skating spin?

How Do Figure Skaters Spin Fast?
How do figure skaters spin fast? This short article addresses this question.

How Do I Stop My Figure Skating Spins From Traveling?
This short article gives some tips on keeping figure skating spins centered.

Figure Skating Footwork Sequences
When figure skaters put a series of turns and steps together, they are doing footwork. The possibilities are endless. This article lists some suggested footwork sequences that can be skated by a figure skater who is able to do most ice skating turns and steps.

How to Do a Camel Spin
A camel spin is a figure skating spin that is done with the same body position as the spiral (arabesque). This tutorial shows the basic steps required to do a camel spin.

How to Do a Layback Spin
A layback spin is a beautiful figure skating move. Most ice skaters can master this spin with practice.

All About the Axel Jump
Axels (and double Axels and triple Axels) and waltz jumps are the only figure skating jumps where the take-off is from a forward outside edge.

How to Do an Axel Jump
The axel jump may be the hardest jump for many figure skaters. Once ice skaters master an axel, the double jumps come quickly. This short article outlines some steps that will help a figure skater master an axel jump.

The Shoot-the-Duck Is a Fun Ice Skating Move
This article gives information on the shoot-the-duck which is a fun and easy ice skating move.

Figure Skating Practice Plan
Many ice skaters have a difficult time figuring out how to practice. This is a recommended practice plan for a figure skater who is already able to do basic stroking, turns, and some jumps and spins.

Choreograph Your Own Figure Skating Routine
You've worked hard on mastering a number of figure skating moves; now it’s time to set a program to music.

In Which Direction Should a Skater Jump and Spin?
Most skaters jump and spin in the counter-clockwise direction, but some skaters do moves in the clockwise direction. How does a skater determine which way to do figure skating moves?

There are many moves figure skaters must master. This section includes links to ice skating lessons. Learn how to fall and get up on skates, learn how to stop, learn how to skate forward, and learn how to spin and jump.

What Is the Difference Between Ice Dancing and Pairs Skating?
Ice dancing and pair skating have similarities, but they are two very different figure skating disciplines.

Figure Skating Moves on Ice Hockey Skates
It is possible to do some figure skating moves on ice hockey skates. This is a list some of those moves. Tips on how to do figure skating moves on ice hockey skates are included in this article.

Figure Skating With Carlo Fassi
Figure Skating With Carlo Fassi is a book that includes instructions on jumping and spinning for all levels of figure skating.

Ask a Question About Figure Skating
Expert volunteers answer questions about anything related to figure skating at this About.com link.

All Figure Skaters Need to Turn Our Their Free Legs and Point Their Toes
All figure skaters must learn how to point their toes and also turn out their free foot and free legs.

All About Spread Eagles
This article, published on IceNetwork.com, explains what spread eagles are, how to do spread eagles, and more.

Figure Skating Secrets
This resource is designed to teach all basic concepts of figure skating. Information on equipment, basic skating, edges, turns, ice dances, figures, spins, jumps, and connecting moves are included.

Ice Skating Instructional Videos By Dmitri Olympiev
Dmitri Olympiev, a coach at Pines Ice Arena in Florida, has put together a series of free online instructional ice skating videos. Included are how to do forward and backward swizzles, how to stop, gliding on one foot, forward and backward stroking, forward and backward crossovers, three turns, mohawks, edges, and spins.

What Are All Those Skating Moves?
This link will help you recognize all the different figure skating elements. It is from Don Korte's FIGURE SKATING WEBSITE.

Figure Skating Terms
A figure skating coach in Tacoma, Washington, named Danette, has put together a short list of some basic figure skating terms and information.

Skating Ahead of the Curve
Figure skating coach Cheryl Richardson has developed this site. It is devoted to exploring questions surrounding training of figure skaters.

Figure Skating Tips and Clips
Dave Curtis shares some very good basic figure skating tips at this link.

Learn About the Jumps
This is a section from "SoYouWanna Learn the Basics of Figure Skating?" This source outlines and explains each ice skating jump in detail.

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