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Video of 1981 Skate America Figure Skating Champion Vikki de Vries

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Vikki de Vries

Vikki de Vries

Photo Courtesy Vikki de Vries

Video of 1981 Skate America Figure Skating Champion Vikki de Vries

In 1982, U.S. figure skater, Vikki de Vries, won a silver medal at the United States National Figure Skating Championships and won Skate America 1981. Her 1982 national silver medal gave De Vries a spot on USA's World Figure Skating Team. She placed 7th at that World Championships, which was considered a promising finish for a first "Worlds." She had already won the U.S. National Junior Ladies title in 1980, and had been predicted to be America's hope for the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo. De Vries was landing several triple jumps and her artistry could not be matched.

In 1983, Vikki suffered a tendon injury and did not skate well at the US National Figure Skating Championships. Sadly, she was forced to withdraw from the 1984 U.S. National Championships due to her injury. Her 1984 Olympic dreams ended.

De Vries was advised by one of her coaches to continue competing and work towards the 1988 Winter Olympics, but she decided to turn professional and began teaching skating in 1984. She spent some years coaching, and then took a break from the sport to raise her children. She returned to coaching in 2011.


It should be noted that in 1981, only a few women were doing triple jumps. Vikki de Vries' triple jumps and double Axel were done with ease at Skate America in 1981.

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