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Ice Skating Birthday Parties

Celebrate a Birthday on Figure Skates!


Ice skating birthday parties are fun. This article gives several ideas on ways to celebrate a birthday at a skating rink.

Basic Ice Skating Birthday Party

Happy Birthday!
Photo by Martin Poole/Getty Images
Most ice arenas offer a basic birthday party package. These packages include admission, skate rental, and use of a special party room or party table in the arena for the birthday party guests to gather. Basic ice skating birthday parties occur on regularly scheduled public skating sessions. Sometimes pizza, hot dogs, ice cream and cake are included in these ice skating birthday party packages. Also, a birthday song may be played over the rink's loudspeaker for the birthday child and games such as the Hokey-Pokey may be played on ice skates.

Sleepover and Ice Skating

Some parents arrange for birthday party guests to meet at their home for an overnight sleepover that combines ice skating. Cake and ice cream, and meals are eaten in the host's home. Presents are also opened there. Parents transport the children to an ice rink, and everyone also enjoys ice skating.

Rent an Entire Ice Rink for a Birthday Party

Ice rinks can usually be rented by the hour. Costs for rink rental range from $125 to $350 per hour. When an ice rink is rented, the cost of skate rental is included and party particpants can provide their own music and entertainment. Renting an entire ice rink is an excellent way to celebrate a birthday. Some families ask the guest to bring money to help pay for the rink's rental in place of gifts.

An Ice Birthday Party and Figure Skating Lessons

Many ice arenas offer a beginning group figure skating lesson with ice skating birthday party packages. Children learn basic ice skating skills such as how to fall and get up on skates, how to skate forward, and how to stop. Contact your local ice rink about this option.

Birthday Party At an Ice Skating Show

Ice skating shows, such as Disney on Ice or High School Musical: The Ice Tour may offer birthday party packages where guests get to attend a professional ice show and also celebrate a birthday in a designated party room in an arena. If a professional ice skating show comes to your city, check with the host arena's ticket office about this option.

Ice Skating Birthday Parties With a Theme

Ice skating birthday parties with a theme can be fun. Some ice rinks give every little girl a chance to be an "Ice Princess." Boys may come to the rink in cowboy or Star Wars costumes. Guests are told to come to an ice rink dressed as their favorite fairytale or movie character.
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