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How to Be a Figure Skating Parent


An Ice Skater and Her Mom

An Ice Skater and Her Mom

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A Figure Skating Parent's Job Is Not an Easy One:

Being the parent of a figure skater is a very hard job. There many things a parent of a figure skater must do. This short article outlines some of those things.

Get Up Early:

Serious competitive figure skaters usually need to skate one to two hours before school, so a parent of a figure skater is usually up at 4:30 or 5:00 in the morning.

Spend A Lot of Money:

Figure skating is an expensive sport. Parents of figure skaters can expect to pay about $20 to $30 for a twenty minute private figure skating lesson. Thirty minute private lessons will range from $30 to $45.

Ice time is not included included when skaters take private ice skating lessons. The cost of an hour of ice time at each ice arena will range from $5 to $25. Serious competitive figure skaters usually skate two to four hours a day and take at least one private lesson a day.

Do A Lot of Driving:

Young figure skaters cannot drive themselves to the ice skating rink, so parents of figure skaters must get their child to the skating rink every day. Some skaters skate at more than one facility, so a parent of a figure skater must expect to spend a lot of time driving.

Sit In a Cold Ice Arena For Hours:

Very few figure skaters "make it" without a supportive skating parent nearby. Plan on spending many hours inside a cold ice rink every day watching your child train.

Learn to Glue Stones or Crystals On Skating Costumes:

The figure skating costumes of today are usually custom made and designed. To save money, figure skating parents usually do the "stoning" on their children's competition costumes.

Travel to Competitions:

As a child advances in figure skating, traveling to figure skating competitions will become necessary. A skating parent should plan traveling to all ice skating competitions with his or child. A figure skating parent's role at competitions is an important one. The parent not only does the cheering, but also gets the skater to practices, makes sure skates are polished, does a child's hair and make-up, and also makes sure all costumes are packed and worn at the right time.

Give Up a "Normal" Life:

Figure skating takes so much time. A parent of a figure skater should know that simple things like family dinners together may be impossible.

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