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Review of the Figure Skating Movie "Ice Castles"

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Ice Castles DVD

Ice Castles DVD

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The Bottom Line

"Ice Castles" is an inspiring figure skating movie. It is a bit out of date since it was made in 1978, but the movie shows how a person can recover and go on after a tragedy. The cast includes some of the greatest actors of all time.

Until "Ice Castles" was made, most figure skating movies did not include excellent skating. Lynn-Holly Johnson did most of the skating in Ice Castles and the skating is of very high quality.

The music, by Marvin Hamlisch, is excellent and the acting is good. "Ice Castles" is a movie that viewers of all ages and backgrounds will enjoy.

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  • This movie includes excellent skating.
  • The music, composed by Marvin Hamlisch, is outstanding..


  • Some parts of the story may not be realistic.
  • Some of the scenes in Ice Castles are not appropriate for young audiences.


  • The cast of "Ice Castles" includes Robby Benson, Lynn-Holly Johnson, Colleen Dewhurst, Tom Skerritt, and Jennifer Warren
  • "Ice Castles" was produced in 1978.
  • "Ice Castles" was directed by Donald Wrye.
  • A nude scene was planned for "Ice Castles," but Lynn-Holly Johnson refused to do that scene.
  • Much of the film took place at the famous Broadmoor World Arena in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
  • Local Colorado Springs skaters, parents, coaches, and skating officials had acting roles in "Ice Castles."
  • The music in ""Ice Castles was composed by Marvin Hamlisch.
  • "Ice Castles" is available on DVD or on VHS.
  • 108 Minutes
  • A CD of all the music in Ice Castles is also available for purchase.

Guide Review - Review of the Figure Skating Movie "Ice Castles"

"Ice Castles" was made in 1978. Its cast includes Robby Benson, Colleen Dewhurst, and Tom Skerritt. Lynn Holly Johnson, who was a beautiful and talented skater and actress in the 1970s, plays a young and talented teen from Iowa who is discovered by a top skating coach. She gets a chance to go to Colorado to be trained to become an Olympic champion. She gets injured and becomes blind shortly after becoming successful at skating, but returns to compete and skate again.

The plot is simple, but nice. Alexis "Lexie" Winston (Lynn-Holly Johnson) lives in a small town in Iowa with her father (Tom Skerritt) who is a widower. Colleen Dewhurst, plays her coach Beulah, who loves and supports Lexie, but knows she needs better training to go further in her figure skating. Lexie is discovered by a top coach named Deborah Macklin (Jennifer Warren) and moves to Colorado to prepare for the Olympics.

After winning the sectional championships (the first step on the way to Olympic gold), Lexie's small town boyfriend, Nick, (Robby Benson) discovers that Lexie has had a romantic relationship with a rich news reporter. Lexie is sad that her boyfriend is angry and goes outside to skate in her sadness during a competition party and gets hurt. The accident is serious and causes her to become blind and her skating career ends.

She returns to Iowa. Then, Robby Benson and Colleen Dewhurst help and inspire her to return to figure skating although she is blind and Lexie competes again although she cannot see. The story ends with Lexie and her boyfriend Nick being together and celebrating her victory of skating again on the ice surrounded by the flowers thrown by fans.

Ice Castles is a movie that skaters and non-skaters will enjoy and is highly recommended.

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