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"Champion Mindset" - Figure Skating Olympian Scott Gregory's Story


"Champion Mindset" - Figure Skating Olympian Scott Gregory's Story

Photo Courtesy Scott Gregory

A Figure Skating Olympian's Story:

Scott Gregory, a world and Olympic figure skater and ice dancer has written Champion Mindset. The book chronicles his life and figure skating career.

Olympian, World Competitor, and National Figure Skating Champion:

Gregory competed in the Winter Olympics two times with two different ice dance partners. He competed in 1984 at Sarajevo with Elisa Spitz and in 1988 at Calgary with Suzanne Semanick. He is also a two-time U.S. national figure skating champion and a six-time world competitor.

Purpose of Book:

The goal and purpose of Scott Gregory's book is to inspire figure skaters (or any athlete) to “go that extra mile” to succeed. He hopes to motivate young figure skaters and also his own ice skating students.

About Scott Gregory and His Skating:

When Scott Gregory was eight years old, he began skating on a frozen pond behind his house. Like most boys, he was first a singles skater. An injury, at the fifteen, stopped his skating career temporarily.

At seventeen, he began ice dancing. Six months after he became an ice dancer, he began to win medals and qualified for the US National Figure Skating Championships. He achieved much success as an ice dancer, and went on to compete in two Winter Olympic Games. He and Susan Semanack finished in six place at the 1988 Calgary Olympics.

Competed In Pain:

Just before Gregory's second Olympics, he injured his back. He chose not to have surgery and competed even though he was in pain.

Scott Gregory Today:

Scott Gregory coaches figure skating at the University of Delaware. His wife, Pam Gregory, is also a figure skating coach.

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