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Review of "Training Figure Skaters" - A Book by Jack Curtis

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Review of
Cover Art by Andrea Jost

The Bottom Line

Training Figure Skaters - A Manual for Parents and Skaters covers everything a parent and skater needs to know about serious competitive figure skating. The book is written in an easy to read style.

Some of the information given might overwhelm the reader. The cold, hard facts related to involvement in the sport are laid out clearly.

Anyone entering the world of figure skating will learn much about the sport after reading this book.


  • This book is an easy read.
  • Everything a parent and figure skater needs to know is covered in this book.


  • Parents of new figure skaters may find this book overwhelming.
  • After reading this book, some families will decide not to pursue figure skating.


  • The author of this book is figure skating judge, Jack Curtis.
  • Cover art by Andrea Jost
  • Chapter cartoons by Amy Kwong
  • Published in 2004 by J. Wolfgang Publishers
  • Contains text and cartoons
  • 165 pages
  • Not available in bookstores

Guide Review - Review of "Training Figure Skaters" - A Book by Jack Curtis

In a very easy to read format, Jack Curtis, a long-time skater, judge, and referee, tells parents and skaters all they need to know about the complex sport of serious figure skating. The book covers the following:

  • Selecting a coach
  • A parent's important role in a child's skating
  • Planning training and practice sessions
  • How to handle the stress of competitive figure skating
  • Tips on jumps
  • Competitions
  • Theatrical skating
  • Pairs and ice dance
  • Finding and dealing with a skating partner
  • Team skating
  • Weight issues, eating disorders, injuries, clothing, training aids, and equipment
  • Financial issues
  • Dealing with skating officials
  • Off-ice training
  • Explanation of skating associations and figure skating clubs
  • New judging system
  • Advice on dealing with other skaters and their families

Every chapter begins with a short piece of ice skating trivia. For example, the reader will learn about who invented the flying camel and who landed the first double axel in competition. There are also some entertaining ice skating cartoons throughout the book.

This book is not available in bookstores, but can be purchased directly from the following sources:

  1. Outpost Ice Arena's Pro Shop
    phone: 505-856-7595
  2. Blades Sport Shop
    phone: 505-892-9222
  3. US Figure Skating Museum Gift Shop
    phone: 719-635-5200
  4. JackWCurtis@aol.com

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