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"Forever Two As One" - A Book About Tai Babilonia and Randy Gardner

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Forever Two as One

Forever Two as One

Cover Art by Tai Babilonia and Kate Boyer

The Bottom Line

Together, Tai Babilonia and Randy Gardner have written Forever Two As One. The book takes the reader into the lives of the legendary pair skating team. The skaters talk directly to the reader, and the book tells all.

The reader will learn about every happy and sad moment. The photos in the book also tell a story. Anyone interested in figure skating history will enjoy the book. Those who know Tai and Randy personally may see some of their own lives and memories as Babilonia and Gardner's story unfolds. Although the price of this book is high, it may be a welcome addition to a home library.

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  • "Forever Two As One" contains over 130 photos and illustrations.
  • In the book, both Tai and Randy share personal thoughts and memories.


  • The cost of this book may be too high for some budgets.


  • Hardcover
  • 186 Pages
  • Published in 2002
  • Written by Tai Babilonia and Randy Gardner With Martha Lowder Kimball
  • 8.75 x 11.25 inches
  • Color and Black & White Photographs
  • Published by Millpond Press
  • Dust Jacket Designed by Tai Babilonia and Kate Boyer
  • Front Cover Photo by Harry Langdon, Back Cover Photo by William Udell
  • Memories and insights from Robin Cousins, Scott Hamilton, John Nicks, and other friends of Tai and Randy are included.

Guide Review - "Forever Two As One" - A Book About Tai Babilonia and Randy Gardner

Tai Babilonia and Randy Gardner began skating together in the 1960s. She was eight years old, and he was ten. Little did they know that when they were matched up as children, that their skating partnership would last for their entire lives. They became pair skating champions, ice show stars, and figure skating legends. Forever, the two were linked. They not only were a pair skating team, but lifelong friends.

In Forever Two As One they tell their story by switching back and forth. The two skaters talk directly to the reader. As their story unfolds, everything about their lives is revealed. Memories from friends of Tai and Randy are shared.

Over 130 photos and illustrations are included in the volume. The photos turn the book into a public memory album. The photos are from the private collections of the skaters, so the reader will find that he or she has been invited to a personal photo sharing session.

Babilonia's writing style is more open than Gardner's. In the book, she shares many personal thoughts and feelings. She gives names of the friends and family that meant so much to her throughout life. The reader will feel that Tai Babilonia is a personal friend as the book is read.

Comments about the famous pair team are placed throughout the book. Thoughts from skating friends and colleagues will give the reader further insight into the skating career of the pair. One comment in particular stands out: it is from the team's first coach, the late Mabel Fairbanks. The joy Mabel brought to the ice skating world is remembered. Her love for the two skaters is revealed.

Babilonia and Gardner's story shows that ordinary people can become ice skating champions. The price of the book is high, but it is a good read, and may be worth the price.

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