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Cammie and Alex's Adventures at Rainbow Rinks - A Book by Olga Jaffae

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Cammie and Alex's Adventures at Rainbow Rinks - A Book by Olga Jaffae

Cammie and Alex's Adventures at Rainbow Rinks - A Book by Olga Jaffae

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The Bottom Line

In the second children's ice skating book by Olga Jaffae, Cammie learns that the joy of figure skating can be lost when a skater gets wrapped up in being the best. There is a subtle message in the book: moving to a figure skating training center where top figure skaters train, may take away the joy of skating.

Like Jaffae's first book, Cammie and Alex's Adventures in Skateland, this book also shares the message that being honest and being kind is essential in life. The idea and plot is very original and will be a welcome addition to any figure skating library.

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  • This book is fun and easy to read.
  • Those who "know figure skating" will be entertained by this story.


  • The story might scare very young readers.


  • Geared for readers between the ages of 9 and 12 years old, but older and younger readers will also enjoy the story.
  • Published in 2009 by Tate Publishing
  • 400 pages
  • Paperback
  • Also available as an eBook
  • Illustrations by Brandon Wood
  • Cover Design by Lindsay B. Behrens
  • Written by Olga Jaffae, an adult figure skater

Guide Review - Cammie and Alex's Adventures at Rainbow Rinks - A Book by Olga Jaffae

Cammie and Alex's Adventures at Rainbow Rinks mixes reality and fantasy. It is a fairytale type story. The book is the second children's ice skating book by Olga Jaffae.

Cammie is a talented eleven year old figure skater. She skates at a very happy ice rink near her home. One day, a beautiful and older skater, named Isabelle, appears at the rink. Isabelle takes Cammie under her wing, and the two girls become friends.

As time passes, Isabelle convinces Cammie that the two of them must leave their existing rink to train and live at Skateland. Skateland is a huge and prestigious figure skating training center which is made up of ten ice rinks that are named after colors. Everyone skates at Skateland. Even the stores and restaurants have ice skating themes. People don't walk around Skateland; they skate instead.

Cammie also knows from her previous visit to to Skateland that witches and magic exist there. Her friend Alex also knows about the magic and witches.

At first, Cammie's parents won't allow Cammie to move to Skateland, but Isabelle convinces Cammie to go to Skateland anyway. Cammie runs away to Skateland with Isabelle. After she arrives, her parents allow her to give Skateland a try.

Soon, Cammie is living away from home in a figure skater's dormitory, skating before and after school, taking ballet classes, and attending Skateland's school. She improves at her skating, but loses the joy and fun she used to have when she lived and skated at home.

Isabelle doesn't seem to have any time for Cammie in Skateland since the girls practice and train at different rinks. Also, something just doesn't seem right about Isabelle or Isabelle's skating.

Other skaters, including Cammie's friend, Alex, warn Cammie that perhaps Isabelle is trying to sabatoge Cammie's skating. For example, just before an important figure skating test, Cammie's blades are damaged, and during a competition, after wearing a "Good Luck Pin" given to her by Isabelle, Cammie falls on every jump and spin she attempts.

At the same competition, Isabelle is able to land triple jumps with ease. It turns out she cheated by wearing magical skates which is not allowed. Once it is announced that Isabelle has cheated, she is banned from training at all rinks in Skateland for one year, except the "Black Rink," which is a rink where some people believe witches skate.

Isabelle talks Cammie into going to skate at the "Black Rink." Cammie almost gets trapped there, but with Alex's help, she escapes.

The story ends with Cammie realizing that she loves to ice skate. Training at a figure skating training center almost took that joy away.

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