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Review of "Welcome to My World" - Champion Skater Johnny Weir's Autobiography

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"Welcome to My World" by Johnny Weir

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The Bottom Line:

Ice skating champion, Johnny Weir, has written an autobiography that is very easy to read. His book is written in a style that makes it seem like he is talking directly with the reader. He reveals all and the author's honesty may be charming to some.

After reading his book, a reader will feel like he or she knows everything about Johnny Weir, and may want to get to know him better. Fans will love him more, and those who hate or dislike him, may hate him more.


  • Welcome to My World is written in an honest and entertaining style.
  • The book is not long and is an easy read.


  • Weir's honesty and details about his sexuality and sexual activities may make the book unsuitable for some readers, especially young readers.
  • The author's negative opinion of U.S. Figure Skating and ice skating officials may bother some people.
  • The book may make it seem that Johnny Weir is very, very conceited.


  • Published by Gallery Books on September 27, 2011.
  • 272 pages
  • Available electronically, in hardcover, and in paperback.

Guide Review: "Welcome to My World" - Champion Ice Skater Johnny Weir's Autobiography:

Three-time U.S. National Men's Figure Skating Champion, Johnny Weir, has caused some controversy in the figure skating world because his personality is considered "very different" and he is also outspoken. His autobiography, published in 2011, "tells all."

Weir never made it public that he was and is gay until Welcome to My World was published. In the past, he made it clear that his sexual orientation did not need to be made public and that it had nothing to do with his skating. He did not want that issue brought up. His autobiography changes all of that. His honesty about being gay, which was always suspected, may make some readers uncomfortable. In fact, Weir's direct approach in his book about his sexuality and sexual practices may turn some people off since he may come off as "too honest." (Weir shares details about his first sexual encounters and love life.)

In this book, Weir talks about his childhood and early years. The reader will learn how he was almost "discovered" by figure skating coach, Priscilla Hill, and how she devoted herself into making a champion. Weir was a natural at skating and talented. Jumps came easy and he was and is passionate about figure skating.

The reader learns that from the beginning, that Johnny Weir was "different," but also creative and smart. It may seem like Weir is boasting throughout the book, and is also obvious that he is very sensitive, but also very selfish. Johnny Weir wants to be in the limelight and wants the world to notice him.

Everything in Johnny Weir's life is "about Johnny," but he does describe how he helped Olympic ice dancers Melissa Gregory and Denis Petukhov, get a part and job in Champions On Ice through a joint trio skating routine that the three performed together.

He cares greatly for his parents and about the people that have directly touched his life. He loves nice things, beautiful clothes, good food and drink, and requires privacy when he travels. He does not like shabby hotel rooms or sharing hotel rooms. (He describes almost every hotel room he has ever stayed in detail.) Weir needs his own space and privacy. He has a hard time when schedules or any travel arrangements go wrong. He doesn't really like talking with or dealing with the media. He also loves Russia and "everything Russian" including Russian food and drink, and Russian jewelry and clothes. He can speak Russian and understands the language. His coach, Galina Zmievskaya, taught him in both Russian and English.

Weir had a feminine skating style and loves beautiful and feminine clothes and makeup. Those are things that are not always acceptable for male skaters. Weir tells how he did not allow anyone to take the things he loved away from his skating and his life.

Welcome to My World is a must read for Johnny Weir's fans. Also, after reading Weir's honest account about his discovery of his sexuality, those who believe that being gay may be learned behavior, may change their minds. Although Johnny Weir competed in two Olympics, but never won an Olympic medal, it is obvious that the skater has left his mark. Johnny Weir will definitely be remembered and his autobiography will help his memory live on.

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