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Review of "Murder on Ice"

A Figure Skating Mystery by Alina Adams

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Murder on Ice

Murder on Ice

Courtesy Alina Adams

The Bottom Line:

Murder on Ice by Alina Adams is not only fun to read, but also gives readers an inside look at what a figure skating researcher for television experiences.

The author also shares her view of the elite figure skating world in an amusing and entertaining way. Readers get an idea of the the rivalries that exist in competitive figure skating, and the story's heroine, Bex Levy, has a delightful sense of humor.


  • Murder on Ice is fun and easy to read.
  • Ice skating fans will enjoy reading the author's insights and comments about the elite figure skating world.


  • The book takes place before the IJS International Judging System for figure skating was implemented, so some of the situations described in the book no longer are part of today's competitive figure skating world.


  • 304 pages
  • Published in 2003 by Berkley Publishing Group
  • Written by Alina Adams
  • Available in paperback, large print, hardcover, and as enhanced multimedia for Kindle, Nook, and Kindle for PC
  • Enhanced multimedia edition includes videos courtesy of Ice Theatre of New York
  • Murder on Ice is the first in the series of figure skating murder mysteries about television figure skating researcher and sleuth Bex Levy.

Guide Review - "Murder on Ice"

Alina Adams was a figure skating researcher for network television. Her experience gave her a unique look inside the elite competitive figure skating world. She has written a series of ice skating Mystery books. Her first book in the series is Murder on Ice.

Murder on Ice is written in 2003. The story is told through the eyes of figure skating researcher, Rebecca "Bex" Levy. Bex works for a major sports network called 24/7.

In the story, the World Figure Skating Championships takes place in San Francisco. The favorite to win the ladies event is an American figure skater named Erin Simpson, but the Russian skater, Xenia Trubin, wins instead. The American crowd, the TV commentators, and Erin's mother are outraged since Erin skated better than Xenia and deserved to win.

The year the book takes place is 2003, so the competition takes place under the old 6.0 figure skating judging system. There is talk that the judging was rigged.

(Note: The part of this book that talks of results being tampered with or fixed is a bit out of date today, since the current IJS International Judging System for figure skating makes it almost impossible for skating competition results to be fixed or rigged.)

Then the crisis occurs: The Italian judge, Silvana Potenza, is found dead. Around the same time, it is discovered that Potenza may have been encouraged to judge in favor of the Russian skater and so, the news that the judging may have not have been fair comes to light.

The four eastern bloc judges voted for Trubin and the four western judges voted for Simpson. The tie breaker vote was the scores cast by the Italian judge Silvana Potenza.

Bex Levy is assigned by her boss, Gil Cahill, the director of the 24/7 Network, to investigate. He wants her to find out how Potenza may have died since there speculation that she might have been murdered. Potenza was found in the refrigerator room of the ice skating rink. She had been lured there and stepped into a puddle of water and was electrocuted when she turned on the lights.

The rest of the book follows Bex as she investigates the crime.

As Bex investigates the reader learns about the ice skating world from the point of view of a figure skating researcher. There are so many interesting things Bex knows about the figure skating world! The reader learns that the official competition hotel is the "life center" of a major figure skating competition. The reader learns about the skating coaches, the parents, and the skaters.

Alina Adams does an excellent job giving readers an amusing look at competitive figure skating. In addition, readers and ice skating fans may learn to respect the work of figure skating researchers. Without researchers, the behind the scenes stories that the public learns about elite figure skaters would never be told.

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