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Figure Skaters

Figure Skaters

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About.com's Figure Skating 101 E-Course - Made For You!:

Do you love figure skating? Do you skate or are you an ice skating fan? Do you want to learn more about the sport? About.com's Figure Skating 101 E-Course may be for you!

Learn About Figure Skating From Your Email Inbox:

Once a week, for 8 weeks, subscribers to About.com's Figure Skating 101 E-Course will be sent an email that will provide certain information about figure skating.

Week 1: Lesson One - Recognize Figure Skating Jumps:

Jumps are the most important element in competitive figure skating. In Lesson One, learn everything there is to know about ice skating jumps.

Week 2: Lesson Two - Figure Skating Spins:

There are all sorts of spins figure skaters do. In Lesson Two, learn about basic figure skating spins, learn how to spin, and read about the spins done by advanced figure skaters.

Week 3: Lesson Three - Become a Figure Skater:

Learning all there is to know about figure skating is quite a task. In Lesson Three, learn about all that is involved in becoming a figure skater. Also, learn about the different branches of figure skating: single skating, ice dancing, pair skating, and synchronized skating.

Week 4: Lesson Four - Footwork Sequences:

When figure skaters put a series of turns and steps together, they are doing footwork. The possibilities are endless. In Lesson Four, some of the steps and turns in footwork sequences are explained.

Week 5: Lesson Five - Basic Ice Skating Skills:

Figure skaters know how to fall and get up on skates, how to stop, how to skate forward and backward, how to turn, how to do connecting moves, and how to spin and jump. In Lesson Five, all these skills are explained and taught.

Week 6: Lesson Six - Pair Skating and Ice Dancing:

Ice dancing and pair skating look similar to ice skating fans, but the two figure skating disciplines are very different. In Lesson Six, learn how to become an ice dancer, learn how to recognize pair and dance lifts, learn about pair and dance spins, and also learn about compulsory ice dances, free dance elements, and about social ice dancing.

Week 7: Lesson Seven - Figure Skating Turns:

Every step or turn a figure skater does has a name. In Lesson Seven, learn to identify all of the turns figure skaters do.

Week 8: Lesson Eight - Olympic Figure Skating:

In Lesson Eight, it's time to get excited and learn about the figure skating events that take place every four years at the Olympic Winter Games!

Happy Skating!

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