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Figure Skating 101

In this section, information is provided on different figure skating moves. The information given is of interest to ice skating fans, new figure skaters and veterans.

Assorted Ice Skating Terms Every Skater Should Know
Those new to figure skating have to learn the names of figure skating moves. They also have to understand the different branches of figure skating. This article may help a reader learn some of the facts and terms related to the sport.

About.com's Figure Skating 101 E-Course
Once a week, for 8 weeks, subscribers to About.com's Figure Skating 101 E-Course will be sent an email that will provide certain information about figure skating.

How to Prevent Dizziness When Turning Around on Ice Skates
This short article gives some tips on how to prevent dizziness while turning around on ice skates.

Register For About.com's Figure Skating 101 E-Course
Do you love figure skating? Do you skate or are you an ice skating fan? Do you want to learn more about the sport? This e-course may be for you!

What to Expect At Your First Ice Skating Lesson
This article gives a short summary on what to expect at your first ice skating lesson.

How To Do Forward Crossovers On Figure Skates
This article gives instruction on how to do forward crossovers on figure skates.

How to Do a Basic One Foot Upright Spin On Figure Skates
Learning to spin on on foot on figure skates may take time and requires much practice.

Half Swizzles Are Done By Beginning Ice Skaters
Half-Swizzles are exercises done in learn to skate classes that help new skaters master basic stroking and crossover skills.

Sweet Spot - The Part of a Figure Skating Blade That Skaters Spin On
Once a skater finds the sweet spot of his or her blade, he or she can spin continuously on the ice.

All About the Salchow Figure Skating Jump
This article gives directions on how to do the Salchow figure skating jump and also includes some Salchow trivia and facts.

The Shoot-the-Duck Is a Fun Ice Skating Move
This article gives information on the shoot-the-duck which is a fun and easy ice skating move.

The Biellmann Is a Cool Figure Skating Move
The Biellmann is a figure skating move that is named after Champion Swiss skater Denise Biellmann who originated the move. To do the move, a skater holds his or her skate blade and pulls the leg way back up over the head. The legs are completely split, but the knee of the free leg is bent.

Figure Skating 101 on IceNetwork.com
From 11/5/07 through 5/9/08, About.com's Figure Skating Guide, Jo Ann Schneider Farris, wrote a weekly column for IceNetwork.com called Figure Skating 101. Each article provided information on different figure skating moves. The information given is of interest to ice skating fans, new figure skaters and veterans. Each of her articles are listed on this page by date.

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