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Tai Babilonia's Crescent Moon Necklace

Tai Babilonia's Good Luck Charm


Figure Skating Legend Tai Babilonia Always Wears a Crescent Moon Pendant

World Pair Skating Champion and Figure Skating Legend Tai Babilonia Always Wears a Crescent Moon Pendant That Was Given to Her by Rock Star Stevie Nicks in 1979 - She Never Takes the Good Luck Charm Off

Photo Courtesy of Tai Babilonia
After Tai Babilonia and Randy Gardner won the World Figure Skating Championships in 1979, the pair skaters got a message from Stevie Nicks. The rock star wanted to come to the ice rink where they trained to give the pair team some gifts. Stevie Nicks had watched Tai and Randy on television and had become one of their fans.

Both Tai and Randy were Fleetwood Mac fans at the time and were thrilled.

After some anticipation,, Stevie Nicks came to the rink with all sorts of gifts for the young pair skating champions. One of the presents was a 24-karat crescent moon gold pendant for Tai. Tai put the moon on that day, and she wore it all the time. Babilonia truly believed the pendant brought her good luck.

The night of the short program at the 1980 Olympics, Babilonia's coach, John A.W. Nicks, instructed her to take the necklace off. He explained that it might get caught in her skating dress. Reluctantly, she took it off.

Those who follow figure skating history know that Tai and Randy were forced to withdraw from the competition, just before they were about to skate their short program, due to Randy's groin injury. Their Olympics were over.

Tai Babilonia has not taken the Crescent Moon necklace off since the 1980 Winter Olympics. She says, "I'm very superstitious about it! If I have to do a photo shoot and the photographer doesn't want it in the picture, I pin it to the inside of my clothes."

More about Tai Babilonia's Crescent Moon good-luck charm can be found in "Forever Two As One", a book written by Tai Babilonia and Randy Gardner.

In 2009, Babilonia became the mentor of 2008 and 2009 US Pair Skating Champions, Keauna McLaughlin and Rockne Brubaker. Tai traveled to Colorado to spend time with the pair. At their first lunch together, Tai gave Keauna McLaughlin a gift. The gift was another crescent moon charm that Babilonia had treasured for many years. McLaughlin now wears the gift Tai Babilonia gave her for good luck. Like Babilonia, Keauna McLaughlin never takes the locket off.

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