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"Stars on Ice"


Sasha Cohen - One of the Skating Stars in

Sasha Cohen - One of the Skating Stars in "Stars on Ice"

Photo by Kevin Winter - Getty Images

"Stars on Ice" - The Best in Figure Skating:

"Stars on Ice" features the very best in figure skating and has become one of the most successful ice skating shows in the world.


In 1986, Olympic Figure Skating Champion, Scott Hamilton, founded "Stars on Ice". His vision was to create a show where ice skating champions could show off their athletic and creative ice skating skills. In the past, the only professional shows available to figure skating champions had been shows like Ice Capades and Ice Follies.

First Shows:

The first tour went to five cities in the United States. After ten years, the show toured fifty-five cities and also went to Canada.


"Stars on Ice" has been sponsored by Discover Card, Target, and Smuckers.

Group and Individual Performances:

In "Stars on Ice," the skaters perform in groups and individually. The choreography is considered to be highly creative.

Canadian and U.S. Tours:

A separate Canadian tour of "Stars on Ice" began in 1991. The Canadian show has been sponsored by different sponsors than the USA version.

The Cast:

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