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About Jackie Wong's Excellent Examiner.com Figure Skating Coverage


The World Skating Championships Is One of the Many Skating Competitions Covered By Jackie Wong

The World Figure Skating Championships Is One of the Many Skating Competitions Covered By Jackie Wong

Photo by Scott Heavey - Getty Images

Everything a Figure Skating Fan May Be Looking For All In One Place:

Jackie Wong, Examiner.com's National Figure Skating Examiner, may have created the best source available for ice skating fans to get news and updates from the major events in the figure skating world. Wong covers almost all U.S. national and international figure skating competitions in accurate detail. His timely articles include videos, photos, commentary, and play-by-play coverage.

Free and User Friendly:

Jackie Wong's figure skating coverage is free. Skating fans can enjoy figure skating events without charges or fees.

A great feature is that ice skating fans can watch videos of one competitor at a time and in any order. Unlike icenetwork or Universal Sports, there are no additional fees required to watch the figure skating videos that are included in Wong's articles.

Live Play-By-Play Coverage and Videos of Most Major Figure Skating Competitions:

Ice skating fans can get immediate updates and scores from skating competitions through Jackie Wong's live play-by-play coverage of elite figure skating competitors. Detailed summaries of the content in every skater's program along with videos are posted in real time. Much of the time, Wong includes a short opinion or thought on each competitor's performance.

Email Notifications:

Once a competition event has ended, Wong's subscribers also receive an email that links to an article that summarizes the entire event. Email subscribers actually receive notifications every time Wong publishes a figure skating article on Examiner.com. This is a useful feature since ice skating fans can be kept up to date on all that is happening in the elite figure skating world on a regular basis.

Video Links:

In addition to the play-by-play coverage of each skater's program, Jackie Wong includes embedded video links within his Examiner.com articles and also links to videos of almost every competitor's performance in an event.

Previews of Figure Skating Competitions:

Before a figure skating competition takes place, Jackie Wong previews the event. Fans are able to see a complete list of competitors and also are given an idea of which participants might be the ones to watch.

Year-End Summaries of Figure Skating:

At the end of each year, Jackie Wong publishes a year-end review of what has happened in the ice skating world. For example, at the end of 2011, a list of some of the most talked about 2011's ice skating highlights were put together in one place in one of Wong's articles.

Some of the skaters and highlights included were Patrick Chan's rise, the earthquake in Japan that postponed the 2011 World Figure Skating Championships, and the world podium sweep of Marina Zoueva and Igor Shpilband's ice dance teams.

Slideshows and Photos:

A great feature of many of Jackie Wong's articles are photos and slideshows of prominent figure skaters. The photos and slideshows help ice skating fans relive the memories of major figure skating competitions.

On Twitter and Facebook:

Links to the updates of the figure skating events that Jackie Wong publishes on Examiner are available on Twitter and Facebook. Wong's Twitter updates, especially will give fans a feeling that they are really at a figure skating event. For example, Doug Mattis's Tweets from the 2012 United States Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating in Lake Placid, New York, were shared by Jackie Wong via Twitter.

Opinions and Thoughts:

Jackie Wong's thoughts and opinions on what is going on in figure skating are accurate and informative. He describes his own analysis as real, level-headed, and accurate. Those words do describe his work.

There are many figure skating blogs and sites available online for ice skating fans that include the opinions and thoughts of the bloggers. While other sites may include negative gossip about skaters, Wong includes the real facts with commentary that emphasizes the news ice skating fans need and want to hear.

About Jackie Wong - Examiner.com's National Figure Skating Examiner:

Jackie Wong has been involved in figure skating in various capacities as a coach, judge, competitor, and choreographer.
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