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Review of icenetwork.com

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Two-time Olympic figure skating medalist Nancy Kerrigan was one of icenetwork.com's broadcasters.

Two-time Olympic figure skating medalist Nancy Kerrigan was one of icenetwork.com's broadcasters.

Photo by Frazer Harrison - Getty Images

The Bottom Line

Although icenetwork.com is not a substitute for watching figure skating on television, it does give those interested in figure skating a place to stay up to date on the lastest news and videos from the figure skating world. Since the icenetwork service is only available on computers and for a small fee, many people are concerned that the popularity of figure skating will decrease without television coverage. Putting that concern aside, most people do agree that icenetwork has helped the figure skating world.


  • IceNetwork provides very thorough and complete figure skating coverage.


  • Icenetwork videos do not always work with slow internet connections.
  • Live or on-demand videos are not available for most international skating events.


  • Icenetwork is a subsidiary of U.S. Figure Skating.
  • Two-time Olympic figure skating medalist Nancy Kerrigan was one of icenetwork.com's broadcasters.
  • Most of the photos and articles on the icenetwork.com website may be viewed without a subscription fee.
  • IceNetwork.com has exclusive rights to U.S. Figure Skating's events.
  • Some of icenetwork's video coverage is live, but most of the icenetwork videos are viewed on-demand.
  • The icenetwork site includes access to message boards and to an online store.
  • Photos and new stories are added regularly to the icenetwork site.
  • Information is available about U.S. and international elite figure skaters.
  • The icenetwork site includes a calendar of upcoming figure skating events.

Guide Review - Review of icenetwork.com

Icenetwork provides ice skating news, figure skating competition results, photos, and videos. The website also includes biographies on elite figure skating athletes and special articles and features.

To view most of icenetwork's video programs, a yearly subscription must be purchased; however, most of the photos and articles on the site may be viewed free of charge. The icenetwork "Season Pass" includes coverage of the U.S. Figure Skating qualifying competition season, the U.S. Synchronized Team Skating Championships, and the U.S. Adult Figure Skating Championships. In addition, IceNetwork subscribers are able to see live and on-demand videos from Skate America and made for TV ice skating specials. The price of the yearly subscription is only $39.95. At certain times of the year, discounts are available to U.S. Figure Skating club members.

One problem is that not all computers and internet connections work well with the icenetwork service. Some subscribers complain that they don't see complete streaming videos; instead they hear only voice and see video stills. That problem has made the service very disappointing for some.

Some users complain that access to on-demand videos may take some time. For example, on-demand videos from the 2009 regional figure skating competitions were made available about two weeks after some of the events. Other users notice that certain skaters are featured on the service more than others.

Those praising icenetwork especially enjoy the feature articles and photo galleries that are on the site. Many have learned much about figure skating and its history through icenetwork.com. Most people agree that for $39.95 a year, icenetwork.com is a pretty good deal. It is hoped that the problem with connecting to the service will be resolved so that everyone can enjoy the service icenetwork provides.

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