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Terry Kubicka - 1976 United States Men's Figure Skating Champion


Terry Kubicka 1974

Terry Kubicka 1974

Photo Copyright © Terry Kubicka

First Back Flip - First Triple Lutz:

Terry Kubicka was the first amateur figure skater to perform a back flip in competition. He is also the last amateur skater to legally do a back flip in competition. Immediately after the 1976 Olympic and World Figure Skating Championships where Terry introduced the move, the backflip was banned from all future amateur figure skating competitions.

Terry Kubicka is also the first American to do a triple lutz.

Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Childhood:

Terry Kubicka was born on April 3, 1956 in Long Beach, California. He grew up in Cypress, California.

How Terry Began Skating:

Terry Kubicka's parents took the family to see Ice Follies on Mother’s Day. After the show, he pestered his parents to allow him to try figure skating.

Evy Scotvold - One and Only Coach:

Terry's talent was discovered by Evy Scotvold, who was the only coach Terry Kubicka had through all his amateur skating years. Evy coached Terry for nine years. Evy was Terry's only group and private lesson instructor.

Terry writes the following about Evy Scotvold:

    "I believe those that trained with Evy have special stories to tell. Evy was a strict disciplinarian. His coaching style worked well for me. We had the highest mutual respect for each other then and which remains today. I believe we were very good for each other, and will always treasure the memories of our nine years working together."

Figure Skating Accomplishments:

  • 8th Figure Test
  • Silver Pair Test
  • Regional and Sectional Champion in Novice Pairs
  • Regional and Sectional Champion Intermediate Men
  • Regional and Sectional Champion Novice Men
  • Regional and Sectional Champion Junior Men
  • Regional and Sectional Champion Senior Men
  • National Novice Champion 1971
  • National Junior Champion 1972
  • National Senior Champion 1976
  • World Competitor 1974, 1975, and 1976
  • Olympic Competitor 1976


Terry Kubicka received his Bachelor of Science Degree at California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo, and received his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine at University of California in Davis. He continues to be involved in local organizations to promote the highest quality of veterinary medical care and alleviate the suffering of animals.

Terry encourages figure skaters to pursue academic excellence.


Terry's wife is Annie. They have been married since September of 1982. They have three children: Katie, Christopher, and Scott. The family lives in Fairfield, California. Three dogs and two stray cats are also considered part of the family.

Terry writes:

    "The accomplishment that I am most proud of since leaving skating is by far and above my wife and children. They keep me well grounded and most of all remain the love of my life."

After the 1976 Olympics:

Terry toured with Ice Capades for three years before returning to college in 1979. He left skating after that and became a veternarian. He was away from figure skating for almost twenty-five years. In 2005, he returned to figure skating to serve as a U.S. Figure Skating National Technical Specialist. He also served on a local grass roots organization for several years to get an ice rink built in his community.

Terry Kubicka's Thoughts About Figure Skating Today:

    "Skating has evolved into a whole different type of sport from when I was involved thirty years ago. We no longer have true amateur sports of any type. We must remember that skating, as any athletic endeavor, is just a sport and at times a form of entertainment. These years are not with us forever. They provide us with wonderful memories, but life does march on. These top competitors must remember, if they like it or not, they are admired individuals that are looked up to by the younger generations. We need to set an excellent example for the up and comers of our beloved sport."

World and Olympic Experiences:

Terry Kubicka competed in three World Championships. He explains that each was a very different experience.


    "I broke a boot strap and had to stop the program. I had to restart the program from where I was stopped by the referee. This was a real challenge with the nerves for my first Worlds."


    "To everyone’s surprise, I won the Free Style portion of the competition in Colorado Springs. What a wonderful experience it was to win that portion of the competition, in your home country."


    "Controversy surrounded everywhere. After using the same freestyle tape all year, suddenly at Worlds, the tape ran faster and was a few seconds shy of the minimum time requirement. Therefore I was penalized for a time violation. Also, constant controversy over the back flip that year. Supposedly, judges opted not to give any credit to the new move, and immediately after Worlds, it was banned from all future amateur competitions."

Olympic Experience:

    "As with many ex-Olympians, I believe the memory of my Olympic experience is one that I will always hold closest to my heart. It is not so much the actual competition that I will always remember, but more the experience. You have already competed with the same competitors during the year of International Competition. And you will virtually see the same competitors three weeks later at Worlds, so the actual Olympic competition is similar to many International events. Rather, it is the experience of ones pride of country , walking in Opening Ceremonies, sharing accommodations with other athletes in different sports and different countries, and comradely of athletes that I will remember most."

Favorite Skaters:

    " I believe Janet Lynn will always be one of the most talented, technically strong, and well rounded skaters of all time. Throughout the years, there have been skaters I have admired. Brian Boitano’s dedication, technical quality and consistency. Gordie McKellen’s and Scott Hamilton’s showmanship. Kurt Browning’s versatility."

Terry Kubicka Encourages Top Skaters to Pursue Academics:

    "Although skating is the prime focus in the lives of top competitors, I encourage them not to lose the focus of academics. One’s athletic career can end any moment with a serious injury, and it is my hope that all talented athletes realize that a productive and fulfilling life is ahead of them beyond the life and love of their chosen sport."

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