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Kurt Browning - World Figure Skating Champion and TV Skating Commentator


Kurt Browning - World Figure Skating Champion Kurt Browning

Kurt Browning - World Figure Skating Champion Kurt Browning

Photo by Chris Cole - Getty Images

Kurt Browning - World and Canadian Figure Skating Champion & Olympic Competitor:

Canadian figure skating champion Kurt Browning won the world figure skating championships four times. He also won the Canadian Figure Skating Championships four times. Kurt also competed in three different Olympics.

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Figure Skating Television Commentator:

In recent years Browning has been known for being a television media commentator for figure skating. He is not only a commentator, but an entertainer. Most ice skating fans enjoy Kurt's humor and personality as they watch figure skating events.

Quadruple Jump Record:

Browning holds the record for being the first male ice skater to land a quadruple jump in competition. The Guiness Book of World Records lists that accomplishment.

Date and Place of Birth:

Kurt Browning was born on June 18, 1966 in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, Canada.


Kurt's parents were Dewey and Neva Browning. He has an older brother and sister. He is married to Sonia Rodriguez (who is a dancer) and has two sons.

Skating Highlights:

  • 1988 Canadian Silver Medalist
  • 1988 8th Olympics
  • 1988 6th Worlds
  • 1988 Skate Canada Champion
  • 1989 Canadian Champion
  • 1989 World Champion
  • 1989 Skate America Bronze Medalist
  • 1990 Canadian Champion
  • 1990 World Champion
  • 1990 Skate Canada Champion
  • 1991 Canadian Champion
  • 1991 World Champion
  • 1992 6th Olympics
  • 1992 World Silver Medalist
  • 1993 Canadian Champion
  • 1993 World Champion
  • 1993 Skate Canada Champion
  • 1994 Canadian Silver Medalist
  • 1994 5th Olympics


Kurt Browning is a member of the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame, the Canadian Figure Skating Hall of Fame, and the World Figure Skating Hall of Fame.

Professional Appearances:

Browning has participated in numerous professional ice skating productions and television specials. Much of his skating can be purchased on video or DVD. He starred in "Snowden on Ice" and he has toured with "Stars on Ice" and the Canadian "Champions on Ice."

Other Accomplishments:

Kurt enjoys hockey. Before he was a figure skater, he was a hockey player. He is able to do figure skating moves, especially footwork, on ice hockey skates. In the 1970s, he competed in ice dancing with Michelle Politt.

Kurt Browning - Author:

Kurt Browning is the author of Kurt: Forcing the Edge. He has also written other figure skating books. He is the author of "A" is for Axel which is a children's book all about figure skating.

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