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Michelle Ford - US Junior Ice Dance Champion and US Dance Bronze Medalist


Michelle Ford and Glenn Patterson

Michelle Ford and Glenn Patterson

Photo Courtesy of Michelle Ford

Ice Dance Champion Michelle Ford:

Michelle Ford is a US national junior ice dance champion and a US senior ice dance bronze medalist.

Place of Birth:

Ford was born in Detroit, Michigan.

Early Skating:

Michelle grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona. She began roller skating when she was only three years old. She competed at first in artistic roller figure skating. She began ice skating when she was seven. She skated freestyle and pairs with her brother.


When Michelle was nine years old, her brother was killed in a car accident. At age eleven, Ford's spine was injured in a fall. She was not able to skate for two years.

Became an Ice Dancer:

Michelle Ford's injury made it impossible for her to continue to freestyle, so at age thirteen she returned to skating and became an ice dancer.

Ice Dance Partners - Glenn AND Glenn:

In 1972, Ford won the US Junior Ice Dance title with Glenn Parriott. She then teamed up with Glenn Patterson. With Patterson, Ford competed with internationally. The team won the US Senior Dance Bronze Medal at the senior level in 1974, 1975, and 1977. Ford and Patterson were 1976 Olympic Team alternates.

Professional Ice Show Career:

In 1977, Ford and Patterson joined Shipstads and Johnson Ice Follies. They were principle skaters in the show. The traveled and performed with the ice show for two years.

Coaching :

Michelle Ford began coaching in San Diego, California in 1979. She has coached at the same ice rink in San Diego for over thirty years. She teaches ice dancing, Moves in the Field, and freestyle.

Inventor of the Silent Coach Figure Skating Training Aid:

In 2009, Ford introduced Silent Coach to the figure skating world. The Silent Coach device is a figure skating training aid that makes it possible for skating coaches to not have to yell across the rink as they teach skating lessons.
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