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Rosanna Tovi - International Figure Skating Champion and Ice Show Star


Rosie Tovi Spins and Balances on Andrei Bannikov's Head

Rosie Tovi Spins and Balances on Andrei Bannikov's Head

Creative Commons Photo - http://www.flickr.com/photos/iirraa/88367356/

Rosie Tovi - International Figure Skating Champion:

Rosanna Tovi is an international figure skating champion and professional ice skating show star.

Amateur Skating Career:

Rosie Tovi competed in singles. Some of the coaches she trained under include Carlo Fassi, Frank Carroll, and John A.W. Nicks. She placed at the United States National Figure Skating Championships in Junior Ladies. She won the Eastern Figure Skating Ladies title and competed at the US Nationals in the Senior Ladies division. She competed internationally as an amateur.

Professional Career:

Rosie Tovi became a professional pairs skater. She has toured, skated, and performed all over the world.

Skating Partner:

Rosie Tovi's figure skating partner was Andrei Bannikov. Andrei Bannikov was a pair skater in Russia.

Skate FX - Rosie Tovi's Ice Show Production Company:

Skate FX is a figure skating show production company formed by Rosie Tovi and Andrei Bannikov. The company toured the world. Rosi and Andrei performed on ice, on plastic ice, and also off the ice on PIC® Skates.

Rosie Tovi - Figure Skating Coach:

Rosanna Tovi coaches figure skating at The Ice Vault in New Jersey. She teaches young pair skating teams.

Unique Skating Moves:

Rosie Tovi and Andrei Bannikov are known for doing original and unique pair skating moves. One of the moves that they are known for is a move where Andrei spins while Rosie rests horizontally on his head.

Owner of Rosie Wear:

Rosanna Tovi is the owner and operator of Rosie Wear. The company sells original and elaborate figure skating costumes.

Producer of Instructional Figure Skating DVDs and Videos:

Rosie Tovi and Andrei Bannikov have produced instructional figure skating videos and DVDs. The DVDs and videos provide step-by-step skating lessons.

"The Science of Training":

With her skating partner, Andrei Bannikov, Rosie Tovi created "The Science of Training." Their program combines American and Russian off-ice training strategies.

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