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Alissa Czisny - 2009 and 2011 U.S. Ladies National Figure Skating Champion


Alissa Czisny Shows Off Her Gold Medal

Alissa Czisny Shows Off Her Gold Medal - AT&T US Figure Skating Championships on January 24, 2009

Photo by Elsa - Getty Images

2009 & 2011 U.S. Ladies Champion & 2007 U.S. National Ladies Bronze Medalist:

Alissa Czisny skated a dazzling long program performance at the 2007 U.S. National Figure Skating Championships. She won the long program and came in third overall. She pulled up to third after placing fifth in the initial short program event.

In 2009 and 2011, Czisny won the U.S. Ladies title. (In 2010, she won the short program and placed third in the freeskate.)

2009 and 2007 U.S. World Figure Skating Team Member:

Alissa Czisny's third place finish at the 2007 U.S. Figure Skating Championships and her first place win in 2009 earned her a spot on the U.S. World Figure Skating Team.

Date and Place of Birth:

Alissa Czisny was born on June 25, 1987 in Sylvania, Ohio.


Alissa Czisny lives in Bowling Green, Ohio.


Alissa is a college student and attends Bowling Green State University.

Began Ice Skating at a Young Age:

Alissa began ice skating when she was only two years old.


Alissa has a twin sister named Amber. Amber Czisny is also a figure skater and competes at the senior level. Amber has competed in both national and international competitions.

Competitive Skating Highlights:

Alissa Czisny has competed in official figure skating competitions since 1997. Some of the highlights of her competitive figure skating career include:

  • 2009 U.S. Ladies Figure Skating Champion
  • 2007 U.S. Championships Ladies Bronze Medalist
  • 2004 U.S. Collegiate Championships Ladies Champion
  • 2001 U.S. Championships Junior Junior Ladies Silver Medalist
  • 2001 Midwestern Junior Ladies Champion
  • 2001 Eastern Great Lakes Junior Ladies Champion
  • 1998 Eastern Great Lakes Intermediate Ladies Champion

Exceptional Spins:

Alissa Czisny is known for doing wonderful and creative spins on the ice.

Featured on Television Before the 2006 Olympics:

Alissa Czisny was featured on Ice Diaries in 2006. The show showed the lives of four skaters who could possibly qualify for the 2006 Olympics.

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