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MySkatingMall.com Logo

MySkatingMall.com Logo

Photo Courtesy of MySkatingMall.com

My Skating Mall's Vision:

Through MySkatingMall.com, figure skaters will be able to buy and sell gently used figure skating items online. Ice skating families will earn money that will help pay for figure skating expenses.

Ryan Jahnke, Founder:

Ryan Jahnke won the bronze medal at the U.S. National Figure Skating Championships in 2003, and he competed at the 2003 World Figure Skating Championships. Jahnke is also a Professional Skaters Association Master Rated Coach.

Through his life as a skating coach and U.S. Figure Skating volunteer, he has noticed ice skating families struggling financially. He created MySkatingMall.com with the vision of helping the ice skating community deal with the high cost of figure skating.

How the Idea of MySkatingMall.com Came About:

Ryan Jahnke noticed that many skating families and figure skating clubs have struggled to keep up with the high cost of figure skating. He realized that a website that sold gently used figure skating clothes and equipment would help reduce some expenses for ice skating families and also help figure skating clubs raise funds for their skaters.


MySkatingMall.com will allow figure skaters to buy and sell gently used ice skating outfits and equipment through their own web stores. The site will be cheaper to use than eBay. 5% of every purchase (half of the commission collected) will be split between the skating clubs of the buyer and seller. Skaters will essentially have access to the closets of thousands of other skaters. This should increase buying options and reduce expenses for many skating families.

An Online Figure Skating Mall:

MySkatingMall.com will have everything a figure skater would need. It will be like a brick and mortar mall for ice skaters.

For Everyone in the Ice Skating Community:

People from all aspects of figure skating will be able to take part in MySkatingMall.com.

More About MySkatingMall.com:

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