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Alexei Mishin and "Mishin's Magic Vest"


Alexei Mishin

Alexei Mishin

Photo Courtesy of Alexei Daiter, Webmaster http://www.mishin.lab.com/

Alexei Mishin - Coach of Figure Skating Champions:

Alexei Mishin is the coach of 2006 Olympic Figure Skating Champion, Evgeni Plushenko. He has trained other figure skating champions including Alexei Urmanov and Alexei Yagudin. He is sometimes called "The Dean of Figure Skating Coaches." He was also the coach, mentor and professor in college of master rated coach Larisa Gendernalik, who is also well-known for her impressive figure skating paintings, drawings, and illustrations.

Alexei Mishin - Champion Figure Skater:

Alexei Mishin competed in single skating and in pair skating. He won the pairs figure skating title in the Soviet Union with Tamara Moskvina and won a silver medal in pair skating at the 1969 World Figure Skating Championships. Mishin and Moskvina placed ahead of the legendary Soviet pair team, Lyudmila and Oleg Protopopov at that world figure skating championships.

Date of Birth, Home, Family:

Alexei Mishin was born on March, 8, 1941. He spent most of his life in St. Petersburg. He has two children named Andrei and Nikolai. They did not become ice skaters, but did well at tennis. His wife is Tatiana Mishina, who was a Soviet singles figure skating champion in the 1970s. Mishin was the coach who took Tanechka Oleneva (which was Tatiana Mishina's name when she competed) to the top.

Began Skating Late:

Alexei Mishin began skating at an age that is considered late for figure skaters. He was fifteen when he began skating. He did well at singles and placed third at the Russian national figure skating championships. He did not compete internationally in singles since the Soviet Union could only send one male figure skater to the World Figure Skating Championships.

Became a Pair Skater:

Alexei Mishin and Tamara Moskvina became partners. In 1966, Mishin and Moskvina began competing in international figure skating events. At the age of twenty-eight, after winning a silver medal in pairs at the World Figure Skating Championships, Alexei Mishin retired from competive figure skating and began coaching.


Alexei Mishin received a degree in mechanics from a technical university.

Inventor of "Mishin Magic Vest":

Mishin's Magic Vest allows a figure skater to hear sound signals if positions are correct while doing figure skating jumps. If the positions are not correct, the skater does not hear a signal. The vest helps control the position of the hands and arms, the position of the free foot, and the position of the skating foot. This invention can be used for off-ice and on-ice figure skating training. Mishin's Magic Vest is sometimes called "MMV."

Professor of Sports Science:

Alexei Mishin is a professor at the Lesgeft School of Sports Science and Physical Education. He is the chairman of figure skating for the Russian university system. He also wrote a book that all Russian students use to study figure skating.

Hobbies and Interests:

Alexei Mishin enjoys golf and tennis. He likes to build things and he likes to cook. He loves animals In addition to inventing inventions for figure skating he has invented a "washing machine of the future."


Alexei Mishin and the co-inventor of Mishin's Magic Vest, Victor Alexandrovich Shapiro, give seminars all over the world. Their seminars cover basic skating skills, stroking techniques, mastering figure skating jumps, and choreography. Also, advice is given to figure skating coaches.

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