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Rainbo Sports


Rainbo Sports supports the needs of figure skaters of all ages and levels.

Rainbo Sports is a retail company that supports and supplies the needs of figure skaters of all ages and levels.

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Leading Name In the Ice Skating Industry:

Rainbo Sports may be one of the oldest and largest retailers of figure skating equipment in the USA.

The company is located in the Chicago, Illinois area, but also has stores in Wisconsin and Michigan. Catalog sales have been available from Rainbo Sports since 1973. ShopRainbo.com makes all Rainbo Sports products available to figure skaters all over the world.

Order Toll Free: 1-800-752-8370

Figure Skating Products:

Some of the items Rainbo Sports sells include:

Figure Skating Tights:

Rainbo Sports carries their own brand of figure skating tights. Other brands of skating tights, like Mondor, are also available.

In 2011, the Rainbo Sports company spent a great deal of time researching and testing and refining tights. They asked skaters, parents and coaches what they wanted in skating tights. They then spent months with a group of skaters trying new fabrics. The skaters also skated in the tights over and over. The company worked and worked at making the tights better.

Styles of tights available include:

  • Over the boot tights
  • Footed tights
  • Skating socks

Books and DVDS:

The Rainbo Sports company also sells books and DVDs about figure skating. Some of the DVDs available include Sk8Strong Figure Skating Off-Ice Strength and Conditioning DVDs and Learn to Ice Dance DVDs. Skating videos are available on clearance. Books like Kurt Browning's A Is For Axel are available for purchase.

Ice Skating Clothes:

Practice skating clothes and figure skating clothing especially for boys and men are available from Rainbo sports. The company sells practice wear items such as t-shirts, figure skating pants, skating dresses, and tights. Designer brands of figure skating clothing are also available.

Boots and Blades:

Rainbo Sports sells most popular brands of figure skating boots and blades. The brands available include Jackson, Riedell, S-P Teri, Graf, Revolution Blades, Wilson Blades, MK Blades, Ultima Blades, Paramount Blades, and Riedell recreational softec skates.

Figure Skating Gifts and Novelties:

All sorts of gifts and items for figure skaters are available for purchase from Rainbo Sports. Gift certificates are available. Some of the items available include:

  • Figure skating calendars
  • Water bottles
  • License plate frames
  • Jewelry
  • Skating gift wrap
  • Figure skating hats
  • Rubber stamps for ice skaters
  • Skating car magnets
  • Blades for dolls
  • Skate purses
  • Mugs for skaters
  • Skating stuffed animals
  • Photo and memory albums

Repair and Maintenance Services:

Rainbo Sports offers skate maintenance services which includes skate sharpening, waterproofing, mounting, stretching, heat molding, boot taping, and reconditioning.

Used Skates Available For Purchase:

A consignment shop is located at Rainbo's Chicago store. High quality pre-owned skates are available for purchase. The company will attempt to sell all consignment boots and blades for up to one year. After one year, if the product does not sell, the customer is notified and can arrange to pick up the item.

Rainbo2U Program:

Throughout the year, experts from Rainbo Sports travel to different areas of the United States. Rainbo2U program provides figure skaters and skating clubs with boots and blade sharpenings, fittings, and mountings. Rainbo Sports Merchandise is brought right to the a rink.

Returns and Exchanges:

Rainbo Sports gives refunds for merchandise returned within 30 days of initial purchase. After 30 days and until 60 days of initial purchase, store credit is given towards future purchases. After 60 days, returns are not accepted.

Items can be exchanged for a different size or color.

Contact Rainbo Sports:

Order Toll Free: 1-800-752-8370

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