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How To Take Care of Your Figure Skates


Take Care of Your Figure Skates

Take Care of Your Figure Skates

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There are some guidelines to follow regarding the care of figure skates.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: Taking care of ice skates is a continuous process.

Here's How:

  1. Always dry blades thoroughly after skating.
  2. Get blades sharpened on a regular basis by a professional.
  3. Wear skate guards on ice skating blades when walking on hard surfaces, floors, and/or concrete.
  4. After drying skates thoroughly, cover and store the blades inside of towel-like soakers.
  5. Do not leave or store blades inside of plastic or rubber skate guards.
  6. Polish figure skating boots on a regular basis.
  7. In addition to drying blades thoroughly, dry off the boot's sole completely.
  8. Open up the boots a bit, so they can air out, after each skating session.
  9. Never attempt to walk around or skate in ice skates without the boots being completely laced up.
  10. Replace broken figure skate laces on a regular basis.
  11. Have an experienced figure skate technician mount blades and replace screws when necessary.
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