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Learn about how to obtain the best boots and blades and the necessary figure skating accessories.
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How to Purchase and Choose Ice Skates For Figure Skating
This article will help figure skaters of all abilities decide how to purchase the correct figure skates appropriate for their age, skating level, and need.

What is the Difference Between a Hockey Skate and a Figure Skate?
What is the difference between a hockey skate and a figure skate?

Nine Things You Should Know About Sharpening Figure Skates
This article gives some figure skating blade sharpening basics and tips.

Figure Skating Clothes Have Improved Through the Years
Figure skating attire has certainly improved through the years!

What to Wear for Figure Skating
Dressing properly for skating helps most figure skaters skate better. This short article gives information on how to dress for figure skating.

What to Bring With You Before You Go Ice Skating
This is a list of the things you need to bring when you go ice skating.

Rent Competition Figure Skating Clothes
Renting figure skating competition clothing is a great idea.

LiveKühn™ Competitor™ Review
LiveKühn™ Competitor™ pads are protective pads for hips and tailbones that figure skaters can wear when they compete and perform.

RollerGards Are a Fun Way to Protect Ice Skate Blades
RollerGards protect ice skating blades and also make it possible for skaters to roller skate on ice skates.

Are Rental Ice Skates Okay For Figure Skating?
When should a figure skater stop using rental skates? Are rental skates okay at all? This article addresses this issue.

Butt Padds
Figure skaters wear butt pads when they expect to fall over and over again.

Bobby® Seal Makes Ice Skating Fun
The Bobby® skating aid makes it possible for everyone to enjoy ice skating.

It Is NOT Okay to Purchase Inexpensive Figure Skates!
An “unwritten rule” in the ice skating world that is passed on to those new to figure skating is that cheap boots and blade sets that are sold at sporting good stores or department stores are not acceptable.

Before You Buy Figure Skates
This article will help a new or prospective figure skater purchase his or her first pair of skates.

Rainbo Sports
Rainbo Sports is a retail company that supports and supplies the needs of figure skaters of all ages and levels.

Favorite Figure Skating Boots and Blades
This is a list of the favorite figure skating boots and blades used and purchased by figure skaters. If you buy a new or used boot and blade, look for one of these brands.

Music For Ice Dancing - Where Can Figure Skaters Purchase Pattern Ice Dance...
Are you an ice dancer? Where do you purchase your ice dance music? Share your ideas and sources.

Through MySkatingMall.com, figure skaters will be able to buy and sell gently used figure skating items online. Ice skating families will earn money that will help pay for figure skating expenses.

Purchasing Ice Skates - Buying Figure Skates
There are so many choices when it comes to figure skates. What is your favorite type or brand of figure skates? Do you like a certain blade or a certain boot? Share your experiences and thoughts.

How to Take Care of Your Figure Skates
There are some guidelines to follow regarding the care of figure skates.

How Often Should Figure Skating Blades Be Sharpened?
This short article addresses how often a figure skater should sharpen his or her skates.

Are Figure Skates Allowed As Carry-On Luggage On Airplanes?
If possible, when traveling to figure skating competitions, skaters should carry their skates on the plane as carry-on luggage, but security restrictions vary depending on the airline, airport, and local TSA authorities.

A Little Blade Advice! - By Ice Skate Technician, Geoff Hébert
Ice skate technician, Geoff Hébert, has written an article called A Little Blade Advice! The goal of his article is help skaters understand all the different blade options that are available for figure skaters.

Discount Skatewear - An Online Figure Skating Store
About everything a figure skater needs can be purchased through DiscountSkatewear.com.

Figure Skating Calendar 2010 - 2010 Ice Skating Calendar
Ice skating coach, Katie Stader Holmes has created a full color figure skating calendar. The calendar is a fundraiser to help pay for the insurance expenses for her autistic child.

Skater's Edge - An Ice Skating Pro Shop
Skater's Edge is an ice skating pro shop located in Colorado. The company provides figure and hockey skate sharpening and boot and blade sales and repair. The store is owned and operated by Robert and Cathy Hineline.

Colorado Skate Tech and Rich Griffin Skating Boot and Blade Services
Colorado Skate Tech is owned and operated by Richard Griffin. Rich is a figure skating coach who has serviced the needs of figure skaters in Colorado for over twenty-five years.

Where Do Figure Skaters Buy Figure Skating Clothes?
It is not always easy to find figure skating clothing. This article will give skaters some assistance on where to find skating attire.

Mondor Over the Boot Figure Skating Tights
Mondor over the boot figure skating tights are ice skating tights that include a built in skate boot cover.

Favorite Gifts for Ice Skaters
This is a short list of recommended gifts that can be given to those who love figure skating.

What Are Skate Guards?
Skate Guards are protective covers, usually made of rubber or plastic, that protect figure skate blades.

Ice Light Boot Gloves
Ice Light Boot Gloves are zippered gloves that cover ice skate boots and help keep feet warm.

The PIC® Skate
The PIC® Skate is an inline figure skate. Skaters who own this skate say they are able to practice moves that are done on the ice on dry land.

Ice Skating Inventor Nick Perna
Nick Perna is a skating inventor. His inventions include "The 8-Mate," the PIC® Frame Skate, and the "Freedom Blade." Nick is also an accomplished ice skater and figure skating coach.

Inventor Nick Perna Talks About His Inventions
Skating inventor, Nick Perna, talks about his figure skating inventions in this article.

Alexei Mishin and "Mishin's Magic Vest"
Alexei Mishin is Russian figure skating champion and the coach of 2006 Olympic Figure Skatign Champion Evgeni Plushenko and other ice skating champions. This article profiles Alexei Mishin and his figure skating training invention "Mishin's Magic Vest."

Video of Alexei Mishin's Magic Vest - A Figure Skatting Training Aid
Mishin's Magic Vest allows a figure skater to hear sound signals if positions are correct while doing figure skating jumps. This video presentation shows Alexei Mishin's Magic Vest in action.

Review of Sport-Tach™ - A Figure Skating Spin and Jump Training Aid
Sport-Tach™ is a portable, hand-held tachometer that is used for measuring rotational speed and the total number of rotations in figure skating spins and jumps.

What is Dartfish Technology for Figure Skating?
Dartfish is a computer video analysis program that is used to analyze figure skating jumps and spins.

How To Buy Figure Skates
This is a link from Dick's Sporting Goods that gives basic information on how to select figure skates.

The Sharper Edge
The Sharper Edge is a full service skate shop offering a large selection of boots, blades, apparel and skate essentials. The company also operates a web store.

Buying the Right Figure Skates for Your Child
I wrote this article for U.S. Figure Skating's Basic Skills Parents Page. This article will assist you in purchasing figure skates.

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