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Toronto's St. Andrew's Junior High School's Program for Figure Skaters


Tina Yan - St. Andrews High Performance Athlete and Figure Skater

Tina Yan - St. Andrews High Performance Athlete and Figure Skater

Photo by JO ANN Schneider Farris

A School That Meets the Needs of Competitive Figure Skaters:

St. Andrew's Junior High School, a Toronto, Canada public school, offers competitive figure skaters and other athletes a chance to succeed academically and athletically. The school sets up a schedule that gives its students time to balance competition, training, and school work.

Training Requirements:

Participants must train at least 15 or more hours a week, and must be competing at a provincial, national or international level.

Grade Level:

Students in St. Andrew's High Performance Athlete's Program are in 7th and 8th grades.

Public School and Location:

St. Andrew's is a public school located in Toronto, Canada. The program for athletes takes place on the campus of a traditional neighborhood junior high school.

Half-Day Program:

The program allows students to excel in both athletics and academics, by offering a half-day school program. Students attend classes in the morning hours, and are expected to use the other half of the day to train at their sport.

Credit for Figure Skating:

Skaters enrolled in the program receive physical education credit for their figure skating activities.

Away Program:

When the need arises for students to be away from the brick and mortar school to travel to figure skating competitions or to train in remote locations, participants are able to access school assignments online. Teachers commmunicate with students via email. Worksheets and current assignments are sent to students by fax or electronically.

Sports Represented:

Athletes from sports other than figure skating are enrolled in St. Andrew's High Performance Athlete's Program. Some of the sports represented include gymnastics, horseback riding, hockey, figure skating, tennis, and swimming.


The school's curriculum includes English, math, science, history, music, drama, and French.

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