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How to Qualify for Regional Figure Skating Competitions


A Figure Skater Competes at a Regional Figure Skating Competition

A Figure Skater Competes at a Regional Figure Skating Competition

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The figure skating competition season begins in the fall with regional figure skating competitions which usually take place in October of each year. To qualify to compete at regional figure skating competitions, certain U.S. Figure Skating test requirements are required.


The first levels in which a figure skater may perhaps compete at a regional competition are the pre-preliminary, preliminary, or pre-juvenile levels. Those events are non-qualifying events; that is, skaters placing in pre-preliminary, preliminary, or pre-juvenile do not advance to Sectionals, or the U.S. National Figure Skating Championships.

Pre-juvenile skaters must have passed the pre-juvenile free skating and pre-juvenile moves in the field tests. (To qualify to take a free skating test, a skater must first pass the corresponding moves test.)

Plan Way In Advance If You Would Like Your Child to Compete At Regionals:

If you want your child to compete at the regional figure skating championships before he or she is too old to qualify for a certain event, take the time to plan on passing the tests required way before the entry deadline.

Children who start skating early in life may have more time to spend competing at a certain level.

Pass U.S. Figure Skating Tests:

Passing U.S. Figure Skating tests take much time and practice - sometimes years - so reaching any level that is eligible for a regional competition is quite an accomplishment.

Educate Yourself:

Read the U.S. Figure Skating Rulebook to understand the age requirements and levels as you plan your child's figure skating competition career.

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