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EntryEeze Software Review - Figure Skating Competition Software Entryeeze.com

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The Bottom Line

EntryEeze software is a website that helps manage figure skating competitions. The EntryEeze system collects entries and fees, manages event participation, and publishes schedules. Much of the work that goes into running a competition is taken care of through EntryEeze.

Using the EntryEeze competition software system makes it easier for figure skating competition organizing committees and clubs to organize an event.


  • The time related to organizing a figure skating competition is greatly reduced with EntryEeze.
  • The cost of using EntryEeze is very reasonable.
  • The EntryEeze system is easy to use.


  • Not all figure skating families are comfortable with the use of the internet.
  • Some users may not be able to automatically obtain a PIN to log into the system.
  • Some people in the figure skating world are uncomfortable with making any purchases online.


  • Founded in 2008
  • The cost of using EntryEeze is $1.25 a skater. That small extra fee can be added to each transaction.
  • A refundable deposit of $125.00 is required.
  • EntryEeze's developers are very experienced in all aspects related to organizing figure skating events.
  • An optional competition configuration service is available for an additional $50.00.

Guide Review - EntryEeze Software Review - Figure Skating Competition Software Entryeeze.com

EntryEeze creates an online system for orgnanizing figure skating competitions. The competition software system provides the tools needed to host a figure skating competition from the beginning to the end. The competition organizers have full control over the event, but EntryEeze takes care of the difficult parts.

The amount of paper entries is reduced. Figure skating competitors enter their contact information and events themselves. Familes can sign up for practice ice times that suits their schedule and needs. A competition organizing committee no longer has to manually assign practice ice.

After a club or rink configures a competition with the EntryEeze software, the system can accept entries. Skaters enter themselves into the events they wish by following on-screen instructions. Skaters choose events, reserve practice ice, and pre-order merchandise, with a standard shopping cart interface. Users pay with a credit card.

The system then automatically send emails to the competitor's coach and figure skating club. The coach and club can then verify that all is correct. Competition lists and schedules are then generated. Coaches can login to the system and get a complete schedule of their skaters' practice times and events.

Some glitches can occur with the EntryEeze system that may cause some frustrations for users. For example, some email accounts do not accept EntryEeze email, so some competitors may possibly miss out on entry or practice ice deadlines. Also, some people in the figure skating world are uncomfortable with making any purchases online.

Although there may be some problems with using EntryEeze, for the most part, the system will help figure skating competitions run smoothly. EntryEeze's motto is "We Make Competitions a Breeze" and that motto sums up what EntryEeze has done for figure skating.

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