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Music for Figure Skating

Figure Skating Music


Compact Disc
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Figure skating programs need to be a certain length.

For example, skaters competing at the Pre-Preliminary level skate to music that is one and one-half minutes long. The music a figure skater skates to must be custom made and put on a CD.

Only one piece of music can be on this special custom made CD.

Until recently, some skaters put their music of cassette tapes, and used a pause button to "cut" the music from a master CD, but now, the standard for skating music is CDs.

Before tapes, skaters had custom records made for figure skating and it was common to see young skaters entering an ice arena with skates and a record case!

There are some good sources available that supply pre-cut figure skating music.

Also, many coaches professionally cut music for skaters.

If a skater uses a professional music editing service to cut music for ice skating, there will be charges for the time it takes to find the best music for a skater and there will be additional fees for the time it takes to put the music together.

Some good selections for ice skating routines include tunes from movie soundtracks and classical music.

Vocal music is not a good idea unless the program is for a show, exhibition, or artistic event.

It is important to take some time before choosing a piece of music to skate to.

Some skaters will skate to the same piece of music for an entire year.

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