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About Ricky Harris and Ricky Harris Figure Skating Workshops


Ricky Harris Workshops Logo

Ricky Harris Workshops Logo

Courtesy Jodi Porter
Ricky Harris is considered by some as "the mother of choreography education for figure skating." She has combined concepts from the world of dance into figure skating since 1972.

Choreographer and Dance Teacher of Figure Skating Champions:

Some of the skaters she worked with include World Pair Skating Champions Tai Babilonia and Randy Gardner, Olympic Figure Skating Champion Scott Hamilton, US figure skating legend Michelle Kwan, and Olympic figure skating champion Evan Lysacek.

Author of Three Books:

Ricky Harris' book, Choreography and Style for Figure Skaters has been a guideline for figure skating coaches who wish to incorporate dance into their students' skating.

Other books written by Ricky Harris are Coach's Manual: Choreography and Style for Skaters and Busybody Exercises for Bodies Too Busy to Exercise.

Education and Other Accomplishments:

Harris holds an M.F.A. in Dance and Ph.D. in Choreography. She wrote a monthly column for SKATING Magazine for ten years.

About Ricky Harris Workshops:

Starting in 1991, Ricky Harris began to give international workshops and seminars. The concept of her seminars was for skaters to learn to choreograph their own programs by telling a story.

"I'd give the skaters who attended seminars assignments. I actually expected them to write a story that went with the music they skated to. The movements in their program told that story."

Ricky Harris's Work Continues Through Jodi Porter:

In the mid 1990s, Harris began mentoring Jodi Porter, a figure skating coach and choreographer, who founded the American Ice Theatre. Porter was eventually given the task of carrying on Ricky Harris' work and vision for artistic figure skating. In 2012, Ricky Harris, who was over ninety years old at the time, and living in Mexico, passed all the techniques and ideas from her seminars on to Porter.

"I chose Jodi Porter to carry on the work I have been doing for 41 years, not only because of her extensive training in dance, but also recognizing her great desire to fulfill her dreams. She had the spark in her that I felt I had when I started. She came to visit me for several days, so I could give her the journals that I kept on everything I taught since beginning teaching. She was very quick to pick up the theory behind the work I had been doing." - Ricky Harris

"Ricky is the most inspirational woman I have ever met. Her energy, enthusiasm, generosity, and passion for life are just a few of the qualities that make Ricky a very special lady. I feel so privilidged to know her and learn from her and I know there are countless others who feel the same way. She spent a lifetime making a difference with people, I just feel blessed that I have been one of them. Ricky inspired me to give back and mentor others as she has done for me that past 20 years, and with that I am passionate about helping the next generation of choreographers reach their potential and go after their dreams." " - Jodi Porter

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