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Review of "An Ancient Muse" - Music by Loreena McKennitt

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"An Ancient Muse"

Cover Art - Quinlan Road Limited

The Bottom Line

"An Ancient Muse" is very lovely music. The sounds are very soothing and some of the songs would work well for sophisticated ice dance and freeskating performances. Some of the pieces would also make excellent slow parts in freeskating or pair skating programs and in exhibition performances. The music will not work for very young skaters.

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  • "An Ancient Muse" is very lovely music.
  • This music would make very good on-ice warm-up music.
  • The sounds in this album would help skaters relax off the ice before performing.


  • The vocals in this album will not be appropriate for all forms of figure skating.
  • Most of this music is very slow and quiet which will not work for all ice skaters.


  • Artist Loreena McKennitt describes this album as "musical travel writing."
  • The artist's journey takes her in search of the Celts' easternmost paths.
  • Recorded at Real World Studios
  • Features acclaimed musicians
  • Many instruments are represented
  • Seductive rhythms
  • Nine songs
  • Unique recordings

Guide Review - Review of "An Ancient Muse" - Music by Loreena McKennitt

"An Ancient Muse" is very lovely music. Artist Loreena Mckennitt has put together a collection of lovely songs that may be suitable for advanced figure skaters and ice dancers. The pieces will not work for young ice skaters, but may be suitable to be played in the background as skaters warm up and stretch before performances or practice sessions. The music might also be good background music while practicing moves in the field tests.

There are nine songs on this album. Each song is quite unique.

This album should be a part of an elite figure skater's music collection. Adult figure skaters of all levels will enjoy skating to this music. Also, the songs on this CD would be excellent choices for interpretive and artistic figure skating events.

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