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Learn about music selection and figure skating program essentials. Understand the new judging system and what is now required in figure skating routines.
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The Fabulous Ice Age - An Ice Skating Documentary Review
The Fabulous Ice Age documentary gives viewers a glimpse into the history of figure skating and also takes those who watch on a journey through the golden days of traveling ice skating shows.

About Ricky Harris
Ricky Harris is known in the figure skating world especially for her book, "Choreography and Style for Skaters" and for her original Ricky Harris Workshops geared especially for figure skaters.

How to Become a Figure Skating Ice Dance Choreographer
This article gives steps and suggestions that may help a figure skater achieve the goal and dream of becoming an ice dancing figure skating choreographer.

Video of Le Patin Libre - Creative Inline Figure Skating
Le Patin Libre, based in Montréal, Canada, is modern figure skating dance company which was founded in 2005. The group, made up of high level figure skaters, uses athleticism and free expression on ice skates and off the ice on inline figure skates.

The Snow Queen Figure Skating Ice Ballet 1982
The Snow Queen ice ballet was first broadcast in December of 1982 on a PBS television station. The classic Hans Christian Anderson ballet was put on to the ice.

Choreograph a Figure Skating Program
Every skater that enters a competition or takes a figure skating test must have a choreographed program that is skated to music.

Adagio Skating
The acrobatic moves adagio pair skaters do resemble the adagio dancing that is done in circus acrobatic acts. Two figure skaters, a lady and man, skate together and perform a theatrical version of pair skating with spectacular, acrobatic, and athletic lifts, death spirals, and spins.

Young Artists Showcase - An Online Choreography Skating Competition
Grassroots to Champions Young Artists Showcase is an online figure skating competition where young ice skating choreographers can show off their creativity.

How to Choreograph a Basic Skills Beginning Figure Skating Program
Most figure skating competitions require skaters to have a program. This article gives ideas on how to choreograph a basic skills beginning figure skating program.

Figure Skating Footwork - Ice Skating Step Sequences
Figure skaters must do required step sequences in their competition programs. What changes should be made in the choreoraphy of these footwork sequences?

Choreograph Your Own Figure Skating Routine
You've worked hard on mastering a number of figure skating moves; now it’s time to set a program to music.

About Kathy Johnson - Modern Dance Coach to World Skating Champion Patrick Chan
In April of 2012, it was announced that two-time World Figure Skating Champion, Patrick Chan, would continue his relationship with Kathy Johnson, a modern dance teacher to elite figure skaters. At the World Team Trophy for Figure Skating, Johnson functioned as Chan's primary coach.

Music for Figure Skating
Skating to music is a very important part of figure skating. This article will help figure skaters with music selection.

Favorite Music for Ice Skating
There are certain pieces of music that are the favorites of figure skaters and ice skating fans.

My Figure Skating Album - All the Favourite Classics (CD)
This is a guide review of "My Figure Skating Album - All the Favorite Classics."

"Choreography Expression and Style!" by Figure Skating Choreographer Lorna Brown
Lorna Brown is a British and World Professional ice skating champion and a world and Olympic figure skating coach. In this article, she gives some thoughts on figure skating choreography, expression, and style.

Review of "An Ancient Muse" - Music by Loreena McKennitt
"An Ancient Muse," music by Loreena McKennitt, may be suitable for some figure skaters. This is a review of the music CD, the seventh studio recording by the artist.

"Grandma and the Reindeer Go Skating"
"Grandma and the Reindeer Go Skating" is a very amusing roller figure skating video. Roller figure skating and ice figure skating have some similarities and this video shows how the two sports are related. Both sports inspire creativity.

"Innovate. Don't Imitate!" by Figure Skating Choreographer Lorna Brown
Lorna Brown is a British and World Professional ice skating champion and a world and Olympic figure skating coach. In this article, she gives some thoughts on figure skating footwork.

Artistry in Motion by Paula Wagener
This is an excellent article by Paula Wagener who is the inventor of the Artistry in Motion (AIM) US Figure Skating Basic Skills Program.

Magic of Style DVDs and Videos by Ann-Margreth Frei
Ann-Margreth Frei was Swedish National Champion. This is a series of training DVD/videos, teaching step-by-step how to improve the style and appearance of skaters.

Choreography For Skating -- An Explanation
This is a link to a thorough explanation of what a choreographer does for a figure skater.

V. U. Sound Studio
V.U. Sound Studio produces and edits high quality figure skating music.

SK8 Tunes -- Figure Skating Music
SK8 Tunes is a music editing service for figure skaters and coaches.

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