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A Little Blade Advice!

"A Little Blade Advice!" by Ice Skate Technician, Geoff Hébert


Ice Skate Technician, Geoff Hébert

Ice Skate Technician, Geoff Hébert

Photo © Geoff Hébert
Ice skate technician, Geoff Hébert, has written an article called A Little Blade Advice! The goal of his article is help skaters understand all the different blade options that are available for figure skaters.

About Geoff Hébert

Geoff Hébert is the owner and operator of Ace of Blades in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He has been involved with figure skating, skates, boots, blades, skating equipment, skate maintenance, and the needs of figure skaters for his entire life. His ex-wife, Natalya Khazova, is a figure skating coach.


I guess everyone who ever fooled around with a pair of ice skates has an opinion on the equipment, from the correct boot, blade, laces, mounting, and sharpening. I’m no different, "Except," I base my opinion on logic, not on sales or profit, so here it is:

****Note: I am not endorsing any blades listed in this article; the blades I mention are just for reference....****

Don't Go By "You Get What You Pay For"

Blades come in a variety of styles and price ranges. Although the old adage, "You get what you pay for," is a good general rule to not just go for the cheapest price, it does not hold true in most blade purchases. Just by buying the most expensive blade WILL NOT make you a better skater; don’t let anyone convince you that it will.

The reason there are different blades is because to do different disciplines and levels within said disciplines, you will be helped by the correct blade; however, if you can’t stand up on a style of blade, getting a "better" blade will not help you stand up. Proper mounting and sharpening are probably the more correct answers, but that is for another day.

Buy Blades That Correspond to Your Skating Level

It is true that almost all manufacturers make a wide variety of blades to help different skaters:
  • Recreational and Beginner Blades
    Manufacturers begin with Recreational blades, like what you most commonly see on rental skates, and then we climb up the ladder a little to what is refereed to as a Beginner blade which is excellent for the Basic 1 to Freestyle 5 (USFS System), much like a Excel, MK 21 and Mark IV.

  • Blades for Freestyle 6 Through Pre-Preliminary Skaters
    Then onwards and upwards to the next rung on our ladder, Freestyle 6 to Pre Preliminary: this is a good time to look at a Majestic, Club 2000, Mirage.

  • Blades for Preliminary Through Novice Skaters
    Now we can get into some skating, no more fooling around: Preliminary to Novice we can get into a Coronation Ace, Professional, and Legacy.

  • Blades for Skaters Doing Triples and Quads
    Now to really begin the hard work of trying to become a select few (compared to the population of the world) that can get those Triples and sometimes elusive Quads, now you need some aggressive, strong, blades: Gold Seal, Gold Star, and Freestyle.

  • Blades for Other Types of Skating
    Of course there are blades that are designed for Dance, Synchronized, and even Hockey Skaters.

Don't Be Dictated by the Price

Also there are many more blades than the few I have mentioned; they all have a place in the skating world, but price should be the least of the dictators.

The advice I would offer is before you need to invest in the most expensive equipment, you must already have at least some knowledge of how to use it. Especially for growing children, it won’t hurt their progress to be over-bladed, it just won’t help them get where they want to be. Don't waste money on blades that don’t help; use the money for a good coach, proper fit and level of boots, proper mounting, and proper sharpening.

More free advice to come, do with it what you would like.

The Ace of Blades

Email: geojgj@hotmail.com

The Ace of Blades is an Authorized Dealer of:

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