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Jackson Figure Skates

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Jackson Competitor Boots With Mirage Blades

Jackson Competitor Boots With Mirage Blades

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The Bottom Line

The price of Jackson Figure Skates is so reasonable and the quality of the Jackson line of boots and blades is great.


  • The price of Jackson Figure Skates is reasonable.
  • Jackson Figure Skates are good skates.


  • When Jackson boots are new, they sometimes hurt.


  • The price of Jackson Figure Skates will fit any skater's budget.
  • Boot and blade combinations are available.
  • Jackson Figure Skates suit the needs of all levels of figure skaters.

Guide Review - Jackson Figure Skates

As a figure skating coach, I find that my students of all levels are successful in Jackson Figure Skates. There are so many models to choose from and the quality of the boots and blades is exceptional. It is also very easy to purchase Jackson Figure Skates since many figure skating pro shops and retail stores sell Jackson Skates.

Most of my figure skating students wear Jackson Figure Skates. I've seen their figure skating technigue improve on these skates. The boots support a skater's jumps and spins, and the blades give my students the assurance they need as they perform difficult figure skating moves.

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Great review, Member RoxanaBoboc

Was looking for some article to help me decide what figure skates to buy, after reading this I knew what are the suitable skates for me.

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