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Review of GAM Model G-10 Blades

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GAM Model G10 Blades

GAM Model G10 Blades

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The Bottom Line

GAM Model G-10 blades are used by advanced figure skaters who are working on double and triple jumps. The G-10 model is not suitable for triple axels or quadruple jumps. The price of the GAM Model G-10 blades is reasonable.

GAM blades, made in Canada, are equal in quality to John Wilson Blades and this blade is very similar to the John Wilson Pattern 99 model, but the price is much lower than the price of Pattern 99 blades. This is an excellent and high quality blade that is sold for a very reasonable price.

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  • The GAM Model G-10 blade is very lightweight.
  • GAM Model G-10 blades suit the needs of very advanced figure skaters.
  • This is a high quality blade that is sold at a reasonable price.


  • Inexperienced skaters may trip over the blade's large toepick.


  • Lightweight blade
  • High torque factor
  • Complex primary rocker
  • Manufactured in Canada
  • GAM G-10 blades must be sharpened correctly
  • Available in sizes 8 1/4 to 12 1/4 inches
  • Canadian Men's Silver Medalist and world competitor, Christopher Mabee, wears GAM boots and blades.
  • Two-Time U.S. Olympic Team Coach, Audrey Weisiger, recommends GAM boots and blades to many of her students.

Guide Review - Review of GAM Model G-10 Blades

The GAM Model G-10 blade suits the needs of very advanced figure skaters. The blades are a good choice for skaters who are working on double and triple jumps and complex spins.

The torque factor in this model helps the skater with edge quality, speed, and flow. These blades also help the skater achieve the difficult positions now required for today's complicated and intricate figure skating spins. The large toe picks also help the skater get the grip needed to do single, double and triple toe jumps.

Advanced figure skaters should be able to do axels, doubles, and triple jumps on these blades, but the triple axel and quad jumps will need a slightly higher quality blade. (The GAM Model G-14 is the next step up and can be used for the skater working on triple axels and quads.)

Intermediate level skaters transitioning to this blade may have some difficulty adjusting at first to the large toepick.

All GAM blades are designed to fit the appropriate skating level of a skater. The GAM Model G-10 blade is a blade that a figure skater can use for much of his or her skating career and the price is reasonable.

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