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Review of Double Runner Figure Skates

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Double Runner Ice Skates

Double Runner Ice Skates

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The Bottom Line

Double runner ice skates are manufactured for very young beginning ice skaters. The idea is to give children the feeling that they can ice skate immediately.

Ice skating on double runner blades will not cause any harm and may give young children confidence on the ice, but "real figure skating" is just not possible on double runners. Also, the inexpensive price may draw some buyers, but it is best to not purchase these type of ice skates if your child is really interested in figure skating.

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  • Double runner ice skates will give young children confidence.
  • Double runners can be purchased at most major sporting good stores and online.
  • Usually, the blades are already mounted on the boots which is convenient.
  • These skates are comfortable.


  • Double runner skates are not suitable for real figure skating.


  • Zinc plated, heat treated, and edge hardened carbon steel blades.
  • Available in a variety of colors and styles.
  • Can be purchased online and at major sporting good or discount stores.
  • There are no toe picks on most double runner blades.
  • The skates are usually constructed with durable vinyl uppers and water-resistant soles.

Guide Review - Review of Double Runner Figure Skates

Anyone who "knows figure skating" also knows that figure skates must be purchased from stores that deal exclusively with figure skates and figure skating supplies. An "unwritten rule" in the ice skating world that is passed on to those new to the sport is that inexpensive boots and blade sets that are sold at sporting good stores or department stores are just not good enough for those interested in pursuing figure skating.

Another "unwritten rule" known in the figure skating world is that double runner ice skates do not help a child learn how to ice skate.

Parents of young children may think it is a good idea to buy double runner figure skates since the cost of the skates is low, but for those truly interested in figure skating, this type of skate just won't do.

The skates comes in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles for both boys and girls. There is no toe pick on the blade. The double blades may give young new skaters some security and balance, but is not adequate for spinning or jumping, or gliding on the ice.

Skating in inexpensive double runner figure skates may be okay for very young recreational skaters that only skate once or twice, but ice skates available for rent at ice arenas are better in quality. Those interested in ice skating should consider paying more money for a higher quality boot and blade set.

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