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Review of Paramount Figure Skating Blades

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Paramount Figure Skating Blades

Paramount Figure Skating Blades

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The Bottom Line:

Unlike most figure skating blades which are made by hand, Paramount figure skating blades are made by machine. Each blade is identical.

Some figure skaters that use Paramount blades say that their jumps are higher and their skating skills have improved by using the blades. They also say that the blades' edges grip the ice easily.

Since Paramount blades do not need to be sharpened often, the blades last for long periods of time. Paramount blades are also light in weight and that combined with the lightweight boots now available, may enhance the figure skating experience.


  • Paramount blades are manufactured to be precise and identical.
  • Paramount blades are light in weight.
  • Paramount Blades do not need to be sharpened often.
  • Paramount blades are made with modern materials.
  • Some models of Paramount blades are available for beginning level figure skaters.


  • None


  • Paramount blades are made from a lightweight aluminum alloy.
  • Paramount blades are made by machine, not by hand.
  • Available in a variety of colors which include pink, white, chrome, black, purple, and blue.
  • Endorsed by Alexei Mishin, coach of figure skating champions.
  • Models are available for ice dancing and intermediate and advanced free skating.
  • Endorsed by the Professional Skaters Association.
  • Used by figure skating champions.
  • Paramount blades are fifty percent lighter than most figure skating blades.
  • Paramount blades are very similar to Pattern 99, Gold Seal, and Phantom blades which are popular among intermediate and advanced figure skaters.
  • Models for lower level skaters are available.

Guide Review - Paramount Figure Skating Blades

The manufacturer of Paramount figure skating blades claims that their blades are five times more accurate than other ice skating blades since Paramount blades are made by machine and not by hand. Machine manufacturing means that every Paramount blade is identical.

Unlike most skating blades, which are made from carbon steel, Paramount blades are made from a lightweight one-piece aluminum extrusion and stainless steel runner. These elements are stronger than carbon steel and make a high quality blade that needs to be sharpened less often than other figure skating blades. Also, since Paramount blades don't need to be sharpened as often as other figure skating blades, the blades last for longer periods of time than standard ice skating blades.

Figure skating champions such as Olympic figure skating champion Evan Lysacek and Rachael Flatt use Paramount blades. Alexei Mishin, coach of Olympic figure skating champion, Evgeni Plushenko, says that these blades are the blades of the future.

The price of Paramount blades is reasonable and models are available for ice dancers and for beginning, intermediate, advanced, and elite level figure skaters. The blades are available in a variety of colors.

What Users Are Saying About Paramount Blades:

Paramount Blades Are Great!!

"My daughter recently switched from MK Blades to Paramount Blades and immediately she was landing her double jumps. She believes it is due to the lightweight blades. Her coach thinks so too. My daughter wished she would have switched to Paramount Blades sooner.

What attracted my daughter to Paramount Blades initially were the beautiful colors available. I did my research on Paramount Blades to learn everything possible about them. I did happen to hear that back in the Spring of 2008 there were some Paramount Blades produced that were defective. Once the company realized this, corrective action was taken immediately. This has not prevented top competitive skaters from switching to Paramount Blades. Every year countless skaters are on the podium in Paramount Blades, including Rachael Flatt at the 2011 U.S. National Figure Skating Championships in Spokane, Washington.

Once you switch to Paramount Blades, you'll be wondering what took you so long!"

The Best Blade For What We Need!

"My daughter went through her Pattern 99 blades in a year. I can't afford that kind of turnover for an expensive blade, so we switched to Paramount. She has been on them for over a year now and there have been no problems with them at all. In fact we love them! The blades get sharpened every two months or so, and that is after skating 8-10 hours per week. My daughter is a Juvenile level skater. These blades hold a wicked sharp edge forever. They are so light, that when I picked up the shipping box, I doubted there was anything in it! Great blade, worth every penny!"

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