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Favorite Gifts for Ice Skaters


This is a short list of recommended gifts that can be given to those who love figure skating.

1. Ice Skates

Figure Skates
Photo Courtesy of Jackson Skate Company
Every ice skater needs skates. There are many brands of boots and blades available and figure skates will always make great gifts.

2. Ice Skating Clothes

Ice Skating Clothes
Photo Copyright © JO ANN Schneider Farris
Ice skating clothes make perfect gifts. Many figure skating dresses can be purchased online. There are also special clothes available for male ice skaters.

3. Ice Skating Movies

Ice Princess Move Promotional Poster
Public Domain Photo
Every ice skater loves movies and many movies have been made about figure skating. The gift of ice skating movies will bring much joy into any household.

4. Mia St. Clair - An American Girl Figure Skating Doll

Mia Ice Skating Doll With a Figure Skater
Photo Copyright © JO ANN Schneider Farris
American Girl dolls have been loved and played with by little girls for many years. The dolls teach girls about American history and life's values. Each year, a modern day limited edition doll is introduced. 2008's doll is a figure skater named Mia St. Clair.

5. Zuca Bags

A Zuca Bag Makes a Great Ice Skating Gift
Photo Copyright © Zuca.com
Most figure skaters of today are transporting their skates to the rink in a Zuca Bag. Zuca Bags make great gifts and ice skaters of all ages and levels will love receiving these innovative skating bags.

6. Group Ice Skating Lessons

Group Ice Skating Lessons
Photo Copyright © JO ANN Schneider Farris
Group ice skating lessons are usually sold in a series. Classes usually run from six to twelve weeks. Instruction on ice skating basics and skate rental are usually included. Group lessons make perfect ice skating gifts.

7. Over the Boot Figure Skating Tights

Over the Boot Figure Skating Tights
Photo Copyright © JO ANN Schneider Farris
Tights that fit over a figure skating boot are the latest fashion in ice skating. These tights make excellent gifts to add to a female figure skater's wardrobe.

8. Ice Skating Books

Silver Blades Book Series
Cover Art Skylark Publishing
Many books about figure skating have been published. Some of these books include excellent illustrations and wonderful stories about ice skaters. Books about ice skating are wonderful gifts.

9. PIC® Skates

PIC® Skates
Copyright © The PIC® Skate Company
Figure skating can be practiced off the ice with PIC® Skates. PIC® Skates are inline figure skates. These skates make an ideal gift for all ice skaters.

10. Skate Spinner

Skate Spinner
Courtesy of Rainbo Sports
Skate spinners makes it possible for figure skaters to practice spinning off the ice. These spinners can be used on any floor or surface. Any figure skater would be delighted to receive a skate spinner as a gift.
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