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Review of Sport-Tach - A Figure Skating Spin and Jump Training Aid

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Sport-Tach™ Spin and Jump Training Aid Kit

Sport-Tach™ Spin and Jump Training Aid Kit

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The Bottom Line

Sport-Tach™ is an infared tachometer that provides a signal to a receiver. The receiver shows a figure skater's maximum spin rotations per minute. It also gives a skater a total count of the number of revolutions he or she achieved in a spin or jump.

The Sport-Tach™ is fun to use, but is an expensive item. Sport-Tach™ may be of use to many figure skaters and may help some figure skaters increase their spin and jump speeds. By being able to monitor spin and jump rotations, a skater may be able to improve jumps or find out what improvement is needed to land double and triple jumps.


  • Sport-Tach™ is a simple tool that measures a skater's progress in real-time.
  • This product will help some figure skaters increase their spin and jump speeds.


  • The Sport-Tach's cost may be too high for some skater's budgets.
  • Does not always work during camel spins or combination spins due to skater's postion changes.


  • Operates from a distance of four to forty feet
  • Display unit requires two AA batteries
  • Transmitter requires two AAA batteries
  • Twelve month warranty
  • Product includes tachometer-display unit, transmitter with belt and a carrying case
  • One of the many products made by the Monarch Instrument company
  • Also available with USB interface to a PC
  • The user must read directions before using this item.
  • Simple non-contact "line-of-sight" operation
  • Dick Peters can be contacted at 1-800-999-3390 for more information on the Sport-Tach™

Guide Review - Review of Sport-Tach - A Figure Skating Spin and Jump Training Aid

Sport-Tach™ is a portable, hand-held tachometer that is used for measuring rotational speed and the total number of rotations in figure skating spins and jumps. The user must read directions before using this item.

To use the product, a figure skater attaches a transmitter to his or her skating clothes. A coach, parent or skating friend then points the tach towards the skater while he or she spins or jumps and takes a reading.

  • Figure Skating Spin World Record Video
    (In this video, Natalia Kanounnikova sets a new Guinness World Record for fastest spin on ice skates at Rockefeller Center in New York City. The new world record is 308 revolutions per minute. This was measured with a Sport Tach figure skating training aid.)

The tool is easy to use. The item is also fun for skaters, but may be too expensive for a single figure skater's budget; however, if a rink, coach, group of figure skaters, or an ice skating club wishes to buy the item so that many skaters can use it, the Sport-Tach™ can be affordable.

With the new figure skating judging system now in place, spins must be achieved during a certain time period and the number of revolutions are important. Figure skaters need to get an idea of how many revolutions they can achieve. Sport-Tach™ may help some figure skaters work at improving their skating, improving their spins, and improving their rotations on jumps.

Sport-Tach™ is not an essential figure skating item, but may be helpful to some ice skaters as they work towards improving at their skating. Figure skating coaches may find it useful to be able to monitor the rotations skaters can achieve as they work at increasing the time it takes to rotate on axels, double jumps, triple jumps, and even quad revolution jumps.

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