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Self-Publish Your Skating Memories With Blurb.com

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Self-Publish Your Ice Skating Memories With Blurb.com

Self-Publish Your Ice Skating Memories With Blurb.com

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The Bottom Line

Blurb's online self-publishing software makes it possible for anyone to put together colorful and professional photo books about figure skating. Skaters and their families will find that using the Blurb service can make anyone an ice skating star.


  • Very professional and high quality skating memory books can be produced.
  • Blurb's software is fairly easy to use.
  • There is no cost to use the Blurb software.
  • The price of published Blurb skating memory books is reasonable.


  • Once a book order is submitted, books can't be edited, reprinted, or returned.
  • Producing a good colorful Blurb figure skating memory book does take time and patience.


  • Blurb provides design templates for all kinds of books.
  • Blurb's software guides users through designs. For example, the templates help users lay out and highlight photos.
  • After a book is published, the author's completed work is included in a personal and/or public bookstore.
  • The cost of a completed book begins at $12.95 for paperback versions and $22.95 for hardcover editions.
  • After publication, each Blurb publication is available for online purchase.
  • Blurb's software automatically saves all publications in progress to a user's computer.
  • Users may work on several publications at once.
  • Blurb authors can print and preview their work before publishing.
  • A spell checker is provided with Blurb's software.
  • Users are warned if photos or text might not print correctly.

Guide Review - Self-Publish Your Skating Memories With Blurb.com

Blurb makes it possible for figure skaters to show off their ice skating memories and photos in book form. The books produced by Blurb are of high professional quality. Blurb creations make it possible to remember highlights in a figure skater's career.

When figure skaters compete at most competitions, there is usually an option available to buy high resolution action photos on disk. Those photos work well with Blurb and can be uploaded directly to Blurb templates.

Users must download Blurb's software directly to their computers. Those working on publications do need to allow time and patience to produce excellent books. The software has both an edit and preview mode. A book can be viewed in thumbnails, in a full-page view, or in a side-by-side two page mode. Users can also view their work by using an easy to use zoom-in and zoom-out feature.

The price of each individual book purchased by Blurb users begins at $12.95 for a paperback version and $22.95 for a hardcover book. Hardcover books come with a high quality laminated dust jacket and are bound in black-linen with a durable library binding. There are numerous templates available for cover designs. Various colors and backgrounds are also available for book covers, dust jackets, and individual book pages.

Any Blurb book may include both photos and/or text. Template page choices are available for each page. There are options for text only pages or photo only pages or both.

Using Blurb.com is an excellent way to share ice skating memories with friends and relatives. Using the Blurb service does take some time and patience, but the hours spent on a Blurb creation can last for many, many years. All the hard work that goes into figure skating deserves to be preserved and Blurb publications make that possible.

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