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Review of Rainbo Sports Figure Skating Tights

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Rainbo Sports Figure Skating Tights

Rainbo Sports Figure Skating Tights

Photo Courtesy Rainbo Sports

The Bottom Line

Rainbo Sports' figure skating tights may be the best tights available for figure skaters. Skaters say Rainbo's tights are more comfortable than any other figure skating tights. Parents of skaters will appreciate the fact that Rainbo Sports' tights last longer than other brands of tights and that the cost of Rainbo's tights are about the same as other brands of skating tights.


  • Rainbo's tights are very comfortable.
  • These tights last for a long time.
  • Rainbo Sports tights are reasonably priced.


  • None


    • Rainbo Sports' tights fit perfectly.
    • These tights hold up after several practices and competitions.
    • Even after Rainbo's tights are washed over and over again, the tights maintain a new look.
    • The tights are made from moisture resistant fabric.
    • Rainbo's tights are warmer than other tights.
    • The tights have a wide and soft comfortable waistband.
    • Rainbo's footed tights have rounded and smooth toe-seams.
    • The tights have a smooth finish that wears well under skating pants.
    • Rainbo's tights are designed by figure skaters and meet the special needs of skaters.
    • Rainbo sports made sure their tights are comfortable and durable and take pride in their product.
    • Styles of tights available include over the boot tights, footed tights, and skating socks.

    Guide Review - Rainbo Sport's Figure Skating Tights

    In 2011, the Rainbo Sports company spent a great deal of time researching and testing and refining tights for figure skaters. They asked skaters, parents, and coaches what they wanted in skating tights. They then spent months with a group of skaters trying new fabrics. The skaters also skated in the tights over and over. The company worked and worked at making the tights better. The company believes they have designed the best tights available for figure skaters and has made a commitment to continue to improve their product.

    Every girl who wears Rainbo's tights praises the comfortable waistband. Other tights can irritate a skaters's waist area, but Rainbo's tights are so comfortable that skaters say they forget they have them on. What makes the waistband comfortable is that it is wide and soft and doesn't crease or push in at the stomach area.

    Rainbo's footed tights include a smooth and round toe seam. Skaters say that their toes don't get squished together because of the round toe seam.

    The moisture resistant feature is nice since if a skater's feet perspire or sweat, there is no bad odor. In addition, they can be washed over and over again and still maintain a new look.

    The company makes over the boot tights, footed tights, and skating socks. Most over the boot tights tear in the boot area after a skater has worn them only a couple of times, but Rainbo's tights have a much longer life.

    Originally, there had been complaints that the over the boot tights were too small in the foot area. The company added more material so you have more room to get over the boot. They also added stitching and stretchy ribbon on the end seam of the over the boot tight which stretches easier and pulls around the bottom of the boot.

    The skating socks are durable and don't run like other brands of skating socks. Even boys like to wear Rainbo's skating socks.

    The price of Rainbo Sports' tights is the same as other brands, but are worth more since they last longer. After wearing Rainbo Sports' tights, a skater may decide to not buy or wear other brands of skating tights. Rainbo Sports may be the best tights available for figure skaters.

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