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Figure Skating Accessories

There are so many things skaters need. Find out about those things here.

Grit Skate Bag Review - Luggage That Holds Everything an Ice Skater Might Need
The Grit figure skating bag's tower design keeps skaters organized.

Review of Rockerz® Figure Skate Blade Guards
Rockerz® Skate Guards are a skate blade guard designed by Olympian Charles Sinek.

About Nita Sports Tights, Socks, Boot Covers, and Leg Warmers for Figure Skaters
Nita Sports makes high quality tights, boot covers, leg warmers, and socks for figure skaters and dancers.

SK8 Sports Figure Skating iPhone/iTouch/iPad App
SK8 Sports's iPhone/iTouch/iPad app is a fun and excellent resource for those interested in figure skating.

Review of Rainbo Sports Figure Skating Tights
Rainbo Sports, one of the oldest and largest retailers of figure skating equipment in the USA, carries their own brand of figure skating tights.

"iSkate" or "Skating Is Life" Cover/Case For the iPhone
An item that that many figure skaters may want is an iSkate or Skating Is Life cover/case for the iPhone.

Fuzzy Soakers
Fuzzy Soakers are overstuffed figure skating blade protectors made of soft high quality fashion fabrics. Many, many styles and colors are available.

Figure Skating Calendar 2010
Ice skating coach, Katie Stader Holmes, has created a full color 2010 figure skating calendar. The calendar is a fundraiser to help pay for the insurance expenses for her autistic child.

Ice Skating Gifts - Gifts for Figure Skaters
What ice skating gifts would you give to someone who loves figure skating?

Figure Skating Gift Ideas From Skating Designs
This photo gallery shows some suggestions for gifts for figure skaters. All photos in this gallery are from Skating Designs, a company that specializes in figure skating clothes and accessories.

Figure Skating Dresses for Dolls and Pets by Skating Designs
Skating Designs, a company that specializes in ice skating clothing, specializes in figure skating clothes and accessories. Figure skating dresses for dolls are also available. This photo gallery shows off many of the items available for dolls and pets.

Amanda Warner's Figure Skating Jewelry and Crafts
Amanda Warner started skating as an adult. She has combined her love of figure skating with my her hobby of jewelry making. She makes clay skate jewelry and accessories.

Audrey Baer's Figure Skating T-Shirts With Slogans
Audrey Baer, of Great Lakes Skate Company, has created some t-shirts with unique figure skating slogans. These creative and unique figure skating t-shirts may be purchased when Audrey Baer travels to ice skating competitions or directly by calling her at 810-434-6657.

Review of the American Girl Figure Skating Doll Mia St. Clair
2008's Limited Edition American Girl doll is an ice skater named Mia St. Clair. This article reviews the Mia figure skating doll and some of the related accessories.

Mia St. Clair - An American Girl Figure Skating Doll
2008's Limited Edition American Girl doll is an ice skater named Mia St. Clair. She lives in New York State and her brothers play hockey, but she has decided to pursue her figure skating dream.

Our Generation's Katelyn Figure Skating Doll From Target
Target stores and Our Generation has made an alternative to the American Girl Mia figure skating doll. The doll's name is Katelyn.

Photos of the 2008 American Girl Figure Skating Doll Mia St. Clair
2008's Limited Edition American Girl doll is an ice skater named Mia St. Clair. Real girls can dress just like the doll. If you are a figure skater who owns a Mia doll, please submit a photo of you and Mia skating together. I'll highlight it on About.com!

Review of Mia Goes for Great - A Figure Skating Computer Game
Mia Goes for Great is a figure skating computer game based on the 2008 American Girl figure skating doll, Mia St. Clair. This short article reviews the game.

Ice Skating Accessories Galore
Ice Skating Accessories Galore carries a variety of ice skating and hockey accessories, clothing, gifts and jewelry. The family owned company sells just about everything except skates.

Favorite Gifts for Ice Skaters
This is a short list of recommended gifts that can be given to those who love figure skating.

Where Do Figure Skaters Buy Figure Skating Clothes?
It is not always easy to find figure skating clothing. This article will give skaters some assistance on where to find skating attire.

How to Wear Your Hair for Figure Skating
In addition to wearing proper ice skating clothes, a figure skater must make sure his or her hair looks nice. A nice hairstyle will make most figure skaters skate better.

Zuca Bags
Zuca Bags are ideal for the needs of a figure skater. The bag was designed by a mother of skaters and has changed the way skaters store and transport their figure skates and accessories.

What Are Skate Guards?
Skate Guards are protective covers, usually made of rubber or plastic, that protect figure skate blades.

Ice Light Boot Gloves
Ice Light Boot Gloves are zippered gloves that cover ice skate boots and help keep feet warm.

Self-Publish Your Skating Memories With Blurb.com
Figure skaters are able to publish their ice skating memories and photos into full colored books with a service called Blurb.

Review of Sport-Tach™ - A Figure Skating Spin and Jump Training Aid
Sport-Tach™ is a portable, hand-held tachometer that is used for measuring rotational speed and the total number of rotations in figure skating spins and jumps.

The Sharper Edge
The Sharper Edge is a full service skate shop offering a large selection of boots, blades, apparel and skate essentials. The company also operates a web store.

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