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Paolina Bushur - 2009 US National Solo Silver Ice Dancing Champion


Paolina Bushur - 2009 US National Solo Silver Ice Dancing Champion

Paolina Bushur - 2009 US National Solo Silver Ice Dancing Champion

Photo by Jason Frisch

First Silver Solo National Ice Dance Champion:

On September 26, 2009, figure skater, Paolina Bushur won the Silver level event at the first ever United States National Solo Ice Dance Championship. She won the event with first place scores from all five judges on both the Fourteenstep and Tango, the two dances chosen for the competition.

Paolina says, "I was thrilled when my name was called as the winner. I couldn't believe I was standing on top of a national podium! All my hard work paid off!"

Date and Place of Birth:

Paolina Bushur was born on May 23, 1994 in Crown Point, Indiana.


Paolina's parents are Kati and Tom Bushur. Her mother is the Supervisor of the MRI department at The Children's Hospital in Denver and her father is a chiropractic physician. She has an older brother named Joe. Joe played ice hockey for several years. The family has two dogs: Tank and Prada.

The Bushur family lived in Rock Island, Illinois until they moved to Colorado when Paolina was eight years old.

Early Skating:

Bushur began skating when she was five years old. Her mother was driving past a local rink in Davenport, Iowa and saw a "Learn to Skate" sign; she thought it would be fun for her children to give ice skating a try. Paolina instantly loved skating. Soon, the Bushur children were working with Shari Baker, a private ice skating coach. At the age of ten, Paolina began ice dancing.

About Paolina's Ice Dancing:

In 2009 Paolina Bushur competed in Juvenile Dance at the Midwestern Sectional Figure Skating Championships and qualified for the U.S. National Junior Figure Skating Championshps with partner Jason Garofolo. Shortly after that, Garofolo left ice dancing to concentrate on his singles, so Bushur worked hard on her solo ice dancing technique. She hopes to find a new ice dance partner.


Paolina Bushur lives in Colorado Springs and trains at the Colorado Springs World Arena. Her ice dance coaches are Patti Gottwein and Rich Griffin. Her singles coach is Eddie Shipstad. She represents the Broadmoor Skating Club.

At the time of the 2009 US Solo Ice Dance Championship, Bushur was working on the Pre-Gold Dances and had completed the Novice Freestyle Test.


Bushur is an honor student at Cheyenne Mountain High School.


Paolina would love to compete in ice dancing on the international level. After skating, she would like to become a plastic surgeon.

Paolina Bushur Is Thankful:

Paolina Bushur wants to thank the following people:

  • "Thanks to my ice dance coaches Patti Gottwein and Rich Griffin for always pushing me to be my best and not accepting anything less."
  • "Thanks to Eddie Shipstad, my freestyle coach, for supporting me in dance, even though it takes time away from freestyle sessions."
  • "Thanks to my family for all of their support and for all they sacrifice so that I can skate."

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