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Branches and Types of Figure Skating - About.com
Before you begin to figure skate, it is wise to get familiar with the different types of ice skating. There are four major branches of figure skating: Singles, Pairs, Ice ...
The Four Different Branches of Figure Skating
There are four main branches of figure skating: Single Skating, Pair Skating, Ice Dancing, and Synchronized Skating. Learn about each of these disciplines in ...
One Foot Figure Skating Turns - Ice Skating Techniques
Types of Figure Skating Turns. Diagram by Dr. Arthur Schneider. Every figure skating turn has a name. When a figure skater turns from forward to backward or  ...
Understanding Figure Skating Blades - About.com
Most figure skating coaches recommend blades for their students that they used when they ... What are some of the most popular types of figure skating blades?
Olympic Figure Skating Events - Women's and Men's
Women's and Men's single skating events, pair skating, ice dancing, and the Olympic Team Trophy event are the figure skating events that take place at the ...
Basic Figure Skating Jumps That Ice Skaters Must Know
There are certain jumps that all ice skaters learn and that figure skating fans should try to recognize. These jumps are usually practiced in a certain order.
Basic Figure Skating Spins (Techniques and Pictures)
This article lists some of the basic ice skating spins. Many of the spins advanced figure skaters do are variations of the basic figure skating spins listed below.
Difference Between Ice Dancing and Pair Skating - Figure Skating
Question: What Is the Difference Between Ice Dancing and Pair Skating? Ice dancing and pair skating look similar to ice skating fans, but the two figure skating  ...
Artistic Roller Figure Skating Profile - About.com
Artistic roller skating is very much like figure skating on the ice. Roller skating is ... There are other types of inline figure skates besides PICŪ Skates. One of the ...
Long Program or Freeskate - Figure Skating Definition
Pair skaters and single figure skaters, at the higher levels, and also at non- qualifying events, perform both a short and long program at figure skating ...
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