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Branches and Types of Figure Skating - About.com
Figure Skating has four major branches: Singles, Pairs, Dance, and Synchronized Skating.
The Four Different Branches of Figure Skating
There are four main branches of figure skating: Single Skating, Pair Skating, Ice Dancing, and Synchronized Skating. Learn about each of these disciplines in ...
One Foot Figure Skating Turns - Ice Skating Techniques
When a figure skater turns from forward to backward or from backward to forward on one foot, ... Types of Figure Skating Turns - Diagram by Dr. Arthur Schneider.
Olympic Figure Skating Events - Women's and Men's
Women's and Men's single skating events, pair skating, and ice dancing are the figure skating events that take place at the Winter ... Figure Skating Categories.
Figure Skating at the Winter Olympics - About.com
Five different figure skating events took place at the 2014 Winter Olympics: Ladies singles, men's singles, pair skating, ice dancing, and the team figure skating ...
Freestyle - Ice Skating Practice Session Freestyle - Type of Figure ...
In figure skating, the word "Freestyle" has more than one meaning. A freestyle session is a practice session. Freestyles are different than public skating sessions.
Figure Skating History - What Were Special Figures?
Special figures were a part of figure skating in the late 19th Century and in the early 20th Century. Very complicated and elaborate patterns invented by the ...
Figures - Remembering the Days of Compulsory Figure Skating
Years ago, beautiful designs were skated on clean ice in the shape of a figure eight. These complex designs were called figures and that is why Figure Skating  ...
Definition of Pair Skating: A Branch of Figure Skating
The jumps done in pairs are similar to the jumps in freeskating. It is common to see side by side jumps where the skaters jump in the same direction. (Some pair  ...
Olympic Figure Skating History - History of Olympic Ice Skating
Figure skating is called figure skating because designs were skated on clean ice in the shape of a figure eight. These complex designs were called figures and ...
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