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All About the Salchow Figure Skating Jump
Find out how to perform the Salchow figure skating jump, along with information on the Salchow inventor, facts, and trivia.
Ulrich Salchow - Inventor of the Salchow Jump ... - Figure Skating
Ulrich Salchow invented a figure skating jump which is called the Salchow. He was a Swedish ice skater and world figure skating champion who was a prime ...
Salchow Figure Skating Jump Definition - About.com
Definition: A salchow is a figure skating jump done from the back inside edge of one foot to the back outside edge of the other foot. A half revolution is done in ...
Ulrich Salchow - The Inventor of the Salchow Jump and Olympic ...
Ulrich Salchow won the gold medal in figure skating at the Olympics in 1908. That Olympics took place in London. His Olympic gold medal was the first Olympic ...
Video of Ulrich Salchow, the Inventor of the Salchow Jump, Doing a ...
The salchow is a figure skating jump. The inventor of the salchow jump was Ulrich Salchow. This video shows him performing the jump he invented at Areveckan ...
Basic Figure Skating Jumps That Ice Skaters Must Know
A salchow jump is done from the back inside edge of one foot to the back outside edge of the other foot. A half revolution is done in the air. The salchow jump ...
Ulrich Salchow - Figure Skating - About.com
Ulrich Salchow is the 1908 men's Olympic figure skating champion. Learn a bit ... Ulrich Salchow will always be remembered for inventing the Salchow jump.
How to Recognize Olympic Figure Skating Jumps
Triple Axel Jump. The triple Axel is the only triple figure skating jump that takes off from a forward outside edge. It is the most difficult of all the triple jumps, and is ...
Ulrich Salchow - 1908 Olympic Figure Skating Champion
... Figure Skating. By Jo Ann Schneider Farris. Ulrich Salchow won the men's figure skating event at the 1908 Olympics. He also invented the Salchow jump.
Tiffany Vise and Derek Trent Land the First Quad Throw Salchow
Nov 17, 2007 ... ... and Derek Trent landed the first quadruple throw salchow at a figure ... landed the quadruple revolution pair skating throw jump during their ...
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